The man who tattooed his Bitcoin wallet QR code on his ...

The First Bitcoin Qr Code Tattoo

So here it is. A picture of the first bitcoin Qr Code tattooed on me. Bitcoin Magazine had agreed to interview me so no more pictures until they release them. Just had it done today. Qr reader isn't reading it though maybe due to the swelling. My best friend and I are trying to open up a non profit org on Whidbey Island to help people understand bitcoin, purchase bitcoin, open up a wallet and so much more. Since we found out about bitcoins we have been trying to get local merchants to accept bitcoin and before tonight, no luck. After I showed up with my tattoo, they knew we were serious and they are now in the process of accepting bitcoin. We are only 2 people so far but we want to grow and get bitcoins into this area. Please help and donate anything you can at this time so we can open up a office and help spread the word. I know some of you may like my tattoo and some not, but you know what, it's on me not you. Please check up with Bitcoin Magazine for the whole story to come soon.
Btc Address: 1HDt5hfxYg9KathZcNz9B2QRGic8aeDUte
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I decided to do it! Got what appears to be, according to my search, and correct me if I'm wrong....the first Bitcoin QR Code/Payment Address tattoo! It's on my left forearm, here's a upclose pic on paper bitcoin money, for some reason I can't scan it when it's on the comp and resized, so I included the actual digital QR Code that we took it from!
I know there will be haters, but honestly I've already gotten compliments from people who don't know what it is! Soon I will have LIBERTAS * AEQUITAS * VERITAS placed around it. Any donations to add to it are greatly accepted and appreciated! The shop that did it was one of my clients, who I talked into accepting bitcoin a couple weeks ago!
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
Any other suggestions are appreciated as well!
IN CRYPTOGRAPHY WE TRUST! 1FmnP571K2e2jT5gNGZipxLy9o7kugw1g6 Custom Etched Glasses & Mirrors 25% Bitcoin Holiday Sale!
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My Girlfriend Got Her Bitcoin QR Code Tattooed On Herself

Shes a nerd.. I begged her not to get it in the tramp stamp area lol... and no the artist would not accept bitcoin as payment!
edit: at the request of the redditors.... more proof haha ... she wont be happy when she sees that!
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Temporary Bitcoin QR Code Tattoos

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Shibes to be mentioned in Bitcoin Magazine

I posted this under Bitcoins but wanted to let you all know since I am a fellow shibe that when I interview with bitcoin magazine, I will not forget you fellow shibes. I went and got the first bitcoin qr code tattoo today in the world unless someone has not announced it yet. Anyways When they interview me, I will be mentioning you guys for sure. That's my whole goal is to get crypto currencies known. If you wanna donate Doge or Btc please feel free to at below addresses as we are trying to open up a physical location to assist others.
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Strippers have been getting temporary tattoos with QR codes to accept Bitcoins

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Strippers have been getting temporary tattoos with QR codes to accept Bitcoins

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las vegas strippers accept Bitcoin via QR code tattoos

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las vegas strippers accept bitcoin via qr code tattoos

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"Lad Vegas Strippers accept Bitcoin via QR code tattoo"

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QR code bitcoin address tattoo! /r/Bitcoin

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The man who tattooed his Bitcoin wallet QR code on his forearm is thinking about putting Doge on his other arm. Let's support him!

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: I should get a tattoo of a QR code, so if somebody finds my body and scans it, they'll be Rickroll'd. /r/Showerthoughts

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A Bitcoin-like payment system predicted in the movie Idiocracy (set in the year 2505). QR codes as tattoo's? Scene is about 0:50 into the clip.

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Temporary Tattoo of Bitcoin Address QR-Code ❤ The perfect Valentine's Day gift.

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Merry X-Mas - - - - - Bitcoin Butt Girl

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If you get a bitcoin address tattoo, I will send bitcoin to that address.

Has to be real, not a temporary one.
I am thinking of a QR code but a regular address that incorporates 666 would be pretty cool.
I'm not going to send a huge amount of bitcoin, so I hope others will join me.
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I want to be a stripper and make some bitcoin

Those who frequent the strip club, The Legend Room, in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be delighted to know that they can now tip their strippers with Bitcoin. A rather unusual idea that was conceived by the club’s owner, Nick Blomgren.
Opened in 2017, The Legend Room is now aiming to outsmart even the most luxurious strip clubs in the continental USA. According to Blomgren, he wanted to find a way to keep the identity of his club’s clients anonymous and, saw Bitcoin and Blockchain technology as the perfect way to accomplish this.
The idea gets even more unique and once we take a deeper look it’s easy to see how this is a well-thought-out idea for strip clubs. To pay a dancer in Bitcoin, a client simply needs to approach a dancer and scan a QR code assigned to them in the form of a temporary tattoo. Moreover, as an incentive, the club will be offering a 20% discount to all clients who pay by using the new service.
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I developed a service, biTip, to make accepting tips and tipping service industry workers easier. I'm looking for some help to test it out.

It all started when I read this post about a stripper QR code tattoo for accepting tips. After that I started to look around at how people were accepting Bitcoin tips. None of the solutions seemed very practical or convenient for both the tipper and worker. So I set out to make this:
It's a platform agnostic tipping service that uses Coinbase. On the home screen you can Locate, Scan (QR code), and Attach (as a worker to a Place). Using the locate feature will output a list of the nearest Places and highlight the one you are most likely at. If the Place you select is registered and has workers attached to it, you will be greeted with a list of portraits of the attached workers. Once you select who you would like to tip, you are presented with a tip page and an option to send a comment with it. You can tip on your own time without inconveniencing anyone. No QR code t-shirt/stickebadge necessary. Forgot to tip? Didn't have funds in account and/or want to tip after you've left? No problem. I will also be adding a feature that allows for tip pooling and automatic distribution.
I am looking for people interested in trying out this service and possibly providing feedback related to appearance, functionality, security, and potential to actually use. The service is currently only accessible for mobile devices. For the best viewing experience, navigate to and under your browser options select 'Add to Home Screen'.
About a month and a half ago I attempted to seek advice and assistance from a government service for helping unemployed people pursue self-employment. Instead I was told, "The government (Canada) has deemed bitcoins too controversial and won't be supporting any Bitcoin related projects." So I don't have much to return the favor of helping out, but if you register and attach to a Place, send me a message and I'll send you what I can for you first tip :)
During the testing period there will be no fee. Later on there might be a 1% fee.
BTC: 1BqVTgMz9x42g8weeSqqiryug7NE46YXTb Site:
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03-27 04:33 - 'There's a strip joint in Vegas I saw an article on, accepts Bitcoin. I think the dancers had a temporary QR code on them? Idk. I'd have to read article again. / So yeah, totally possible / Edit: yup. / [link] / >cryptocur...' by /u/BobbinWilliams removed from /r/news within 2-12min

There's a strip joint in Vegas I saw an article on, accepts Bitcoin. I think the dancers had a temporary QR code on them? Idk. I'd have to read article again.
So yeah, totally possible
Edit: yup.
cryptocurrency strip club called ‘The Legends Room’ has become the first of its kind in Las Vegas, where strippers wear temporary QR tattoos as a wallet to process bitcoin payments.
Context Link
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Author: BobbinWilliams
1: stockboardas**/insi*ht**and-**search*fu*ure-vega*-s*ri*p**s**cc*pt-bi*coin-*ia*qr-ta**o**/
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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My scenario series Family Gay: Bitcoin

There are a Quahog news on TV:
-Today a Bitcoin course is reached 20000$
Peter running to the cellar and then come back with a tiff smile, and again run to the cellar (the crazy laughing is heard form there). Peter has come back with a wide open mouth, breathing barely.
Brayan: - Peter, what’s going on?
Peter (with a 5 sec pause): - Fuck you Brayan, fuck you Donald Tramp and fuck you Seth MacFarlane
//All three of them is sitting on the sofa (camera is runs by them), Brayan and Trump is sitting as it nothing had happened, but Seth with an angry face.
Seth: - Why me?
Peter: - Because of you don’t use this awesome Russian guy’s scenario
\Insert\ - The ostrich is sitting on stairs and telling the story.
This scenario was written by a young Russian guy, who has grown on American cartoons… Griffins, American dad, Simpsons. He has all the things in his life, pretty girls, money, fame… Just kidding, he has grown as a moron (the ostrich laughs).
Changing to cellar: Peter holding his old laptop and still smiling.
Peter: - Lois, give me my phone, I should do something.
Lois gives him a phone, Peter with an important face is dialing a telephone number. (Hooters) Mr. Pewtershit takes a phone.
Mr. Pew: - Peter, what do you want?
Peter: - Fuck you beggar (and hangs up).
Lois (indignant): - Peter what the hell, it’s my dad.
Peter pointing with a finger on a laptop (there is a number of 1 mln bitcoins).
Lois: - Where did you get that?
Peter: - I’ll say if you do something for me.
The next scene. Lois is take a phone and dialing a number… (Hooters) Mr. Pewtershit takes a phone.
Mr. Pew: - Lois, what the hell, what is Peter allows to hisself?
Lois: - Fuck you beggar (and hangs up)
Lois: - Now you pleased?
(Peter is smiling and nods.)
Lois: - Now tell me.
Peter: - It’s a long story, when Kevin Spacy was a good actor (Peter winks)
Long time ago I was working as Japanese prostitute, a japan guy have ordered me… (Brayan is interrupt him)
Brayan: - Tell yet it was Satoshi Nakamoto
Peter: - How could I know his name, I didn’t ask clients names, they were always represeting fictional names. So, when I’ve done it and ask him for a payment, he said that creating new currency and have not enough money, just 5 $ and he could pay the rest by his own currency. I had agreed unwillingly, at first he wanted to give me only fucking 10 000 btc, but we have been bargained on 1 000 000.
Brayan: - So you wanna tell, that you’ve done a blowjob for 20 bln. $ ?
Peter: - 20 bln. And 5 bucks Bray, don’t forget about 5 bucks.
Brayan: - Wha wants a blowjob for million?
(Cavin Spacey is appears on the creen)
(Peter is gathering his things) (Lois comes into the room)
Lois: - Peter, wat are you doing?.
Peter: - I am relocating.
Lois: - Where?
Peter: - You will see.
Peter is dressing a king’s suit, (the car beeps and a bad Russian language is heard from the street) – Peter, hurry up, Monako is awaiting.
Peter goes to the yard and there luxury yacht is awaiting for him with a waving Roman Abramovich on it.
Roman: - Peter, I’ve got tired to waiting for you.
Lois: - Peter, where does it canal from and who is this guy?
Peter: - This is Uber for richmans, Lois (Peter showing his phone with “Rich Uber” app)
(Peter comes aboard)
Roman: - I have been waiting here for a half of hour.
Peter: - This is your job
Roman: - Where are we going?
Peter: - To the prostitutes.
(blinking letters on the screen “This scenario was written by Russian, please remove your Johns Mccayns from the screens. John Mccane is lying by the sofa with epileptic seizure. (Voice from the kitchen – “Honey, please look for John, I didn’t hear John for a long time, he even don’t yelling something about Russians (there foam is flowing from Johns's mouth)
Braudel (peter comes and asking admnistrators which of the prostitutes is accepting btc)
Admin: - Here she is, old Mary.
Peter is approach to her and ask: - ”On which wallet should I payoff" (she is showing a tattoo with QR-code)
Peter: - What is down there? (pointing on the crossed out numbers on her)
Prostitute: - This is a price list, it’s hard to follow the btc course.
Laughing ostrich again (after few sec of a pause, the ostrich take a cigarette and start to tell with operator)
Ostrich: - You know Seth is completely spitted off the Griffins, it’s good that Russian guy had appeared, I have laughed 2 times already in this series, little money, but I need to feed my family. I had fell down and start to walking to the Loui's C.K. concerts for a crowd ...
*Table nearby the scene, Louis is telling a joke about ass and how he jerked after he asked for allow. (Behind the screen). Only one ostrich sits at the tables and laughs.
*(knocking at the door). The renovation in the house is like a palace. butler opens a door. Joseph Gordon Levitt says:- “I have an invitation for sir Peter Griffin”.
Peter is coming out like a hip-hop singer in a golden coat, Canye West is singing nearby.
Peter: - Yes, Kanye, reduce the volume, next track (Kanye starts to sing next song quieter)
A butler: - You've got an invitation sir.
Peter: - O, Joseph, the things are very bad in Hollywood?
Joseph: - No, everything is good, I just working as delivery boy for the billionaires.
Peter: - Wait… (Peter goes out of the screen and bring new Iphone 10) – Send back this shit to Tim Kook.
Joseph: -Why?
Peter: - Any fat asshole can unlock my phone just by looking on it. (Joseph takes iphone and gives a letter to Peter, *leaves on a bicycle)
(*Peter is opening a letter)
A butler: - What is in there?
Peter: - They dedicate me in billionaires; it’s an invitation to M. Zuckerberg's house
(*Scene in M. Zuckerberg’s home, red carpet, huge house, Peter and Lois in evening suits. Mark with his wife, Bill Gates and others are greetings them… Peter look at Ilon Mask…)
Peter: - What is he doing here? (*Ilon running away through the window)
*Mark leads Peter to huge throne.
Mark: - Have a seat, your initiation won’t be long.
*They binding Peter by the ropes to throne
Peter (with rage): - What the hell are you guys doing?
Mark: - We вере afraid you won’t agree.
They are making a tattoo on Peter’s chest with nine zeros.
Mark: - But you don’t allow now to be with a naked chest on public, it’s our secret.
Peter: - How will I ride a horses with Putin?
*John Mcafee near to Peter
Mcafee: - Peter, did you hear my prediction that BTC will be 1 million after one year.
Peter: - Really?
*Peter sitting in the room with an old laptop and updating quotes, after some time laptop freezes and don’t turns on again. Peter screams Stewie and ask him to look at his laptop.
Stewie: - Your old laptop is gone, have you got a buckup?
Peter: - What?
Stewie: - Do you have a buckup of ypur BTC wallet?
Peter: - No, is it a problem?
(*Next scene)
*Peter sitting in and old house and on ad old sofa watching news. There telling that BTC course is 1 billion dollars and taking an interview with ex billionaire.
Correspondent: - how did you lose your BTCs?
Peter: - All of it is Russian hackers
Brayan: - You’ve lied, they can check.
Peter: - When you say that it have done by Russian hackers, everyone believe.
Brayan: - How is it to be poor again?
Peter: - It’s ok Brayan and that blowjob wasn’t deep.
*The ending:
*Huge building with inscription “Russian hackers agency”, the camera focusing on the room where two hackers sitting.
Hacker one: - Did you hear they blamed us in BTC stealing?
Hacker two: - Yep!
H. one: - I’m tired of this Americans that blaming us it all the things. Yesterday I have hacked Trump’s twitter account and have written a rubbish but he hasn’t noticed…
H. two: - Haha, lets hack Melania’s iCloud… We must get a reward for made him a president.
*Alarm turns on and there a letter on the screen
H. one: - Oh my god… (*Runs to his Boss with printed page)
H. one: - We,ve got a problem, someone have written a letter to American.
The boss is takes printed page and runs through the Kremlin’s corridors (there guards by the door)
Guards: - What is going on?
Boss: - Here’s a letter from Russian to an American
Guards: - Come in, hurry!
There V.V.Putin sitting at the table…
Putin: - What happened?
Boss: - We’ve got a problem. Our citizen have written a Griffin’s scenario and sent it.
Putin: - Give it to me. (Takes a page and starts to read with a pencil in his arm)
Putin: - hahaha, fuck Trump… nice, I like it. Hahahaa, Roman is taxist (takes a phone)
Putin: - Hello Roman
Roman: - I have arrived, please come out. Oh, Vladimir hello, I always afraid of your calls, what happened?
Putin: - Roman, there are will be a Griffin serie about you.
Roman: - Can we remove it as in the last time?
Putin: - We can’t do that this time (holding pencil), ok, I must work, call you later.
*Still reading the scenario…
Putin: - hahah. Joke about Russian’s election… funny, but we must remove this (crossing out the text by his pencil) – Ok, you can send it, I allow.
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11-11 23:43 - 'Please, donate for Bitcoin tattoo, if you appreciate it :)' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/BitcoinTattoo removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-10min

Hello Bitcoiners,
Apologies for the long post. First of all I want to say that I believe in Bitcoin, and I believe that Bitcoin can change our lives and make us a little more free. I have been using Bitcoin since 2014, and from that moment I encourage all my friends to use it as a payment option and a store of value.
For some time, I began to think about making myself a tattoo with the Bitcoin logo on my left shoulder, as a sign of my respect, and finally I have decided to do it. The tattoo will be very simple: Bitcoin's logo and the text under it "In Bitcoin We Trust" As for the size of the tattoo, it will be as a sizee of pack of cigarettes. Maybe I can use a tattoo for promotional purposes. Contact me to discuss the details.
The entire process of drawing a tattoo will be recorded on video and will consist of two parts: drawing a picture and fixing a tattoo. Estimated time when it will be finished - the middle of January, 2018.
Therefore, I ask you to donate several Satoshi if you support what I want to do. I promise that most of your donations will be spent on entertainment and good alcohol! Any suggestions are appreciated!
I will also post a lots of photos of my tattoo on social networks, and everyone will be able to use these photos without permission.
My Bitcoin address: 1LMAxRX9kLE8Xew7f2vYD7WS47b651D21f
QR code: [link]1
Please post your questions here - I'm happy to explain everything!
Thank you for your donations in advance!
P.S. Apologies for my mistakes, English in not my tative language.
Please, donate for Bitcoin tattoo, if you appreciate it :)
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QR Code Tattoo: Easy 4-step Tattoo Tutorial - YouTube QR Bitcoin Code Generator Bitcoin QR Code Scan Test - YouTube How to send to a QR code - YouTube Como Pagar o Transferir Bitcoins QR version - YouTube

Bitcoin (BTC) Accepted at Las Vegas Strip Club via QR Code Tattoos. In 2017 mainstream media was introduced to Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency market erupted. As the cryptocurrency continued to grow, investors grew tiresome of not being able to purchase things with their digital tokens. You are now able to purchase homes, vehicles, flights, NBA tickets, plastic surgery, funerals and household ... Übertragung: Die Kamera scannt den QR Code von Deiner Bitcoin Adresse (Paper Wallet oder Mobile Wallet) und sendet an diese Adresse die Bitcoin. Limits / Identitätsprüfung: Bei einem Kauf bis € 2.000,- muss eine Handynummer angegeben werden und es wird ein Selfie angefertigt. Für Käufe über €2.000,- bis max. €10.000,- wird zusätzlich ein Kopie von dem Ausweis bzw. Personalausweis ... During the event, dancers will be wearing a strategically placed temporary tattoo with a QR code. If you want to tip a dancer, wave the phone over the tattoo, and voila, you're doing Vegas, crypto ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 10. Would it be a bad idea to tattoo myself a cold wallet? Close. 10. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Would it be a bad idea to tattoo myself a cold wallet? As I'm asking this, I'm ... Jul 6, 2020 - Science Teaching Ideas for Elementary and Middle School Science with science lessons, science activities, and science units for NGSS and Utah SEEd

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QR Code Tattoo: Easy 4-step Tattoo Tutorial - YouTube

1st qr code tattoo Ferramenta que transforma seu endereço BTC em QR Code The first random tattoo in the world! Each time you scan the QR code tattoo you will see something different: Videos, pictures, phrases, weather forecast, tw... How to create a scannable QR Code Tattoo? In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a QR Code Tattoo from scratch. You will be taught how to do the plan... Free Bitcoin Generator QR Code ===== =====...