Attitude Seed Bank: A 2020 Review of the Cannabis Seed ...

Trying to pay with bitcoin on attitude seed bank but keep gettting this ?

Trying to pay with bitcoin on attitude seed bank but keep gettting this ? submitted by hoey_828 to NZTrees [link] [comments]

Has anyone had this when trying to pay with bitcoin on attitude seed bank

Has anyone had this when trying to pay with bitcoin on attitude seed bank submitted by hoey_828 to trees [link] [comments]

Attitude Seed Bank - Bitcoin total is higher than cart total?

Order is £174.88 and the amount of bitcoin they asked for was 0.032975999 which putting into the coinbase account comes out to £181.14. The difference is almost $10. Anyone else have this problem? Still waiting to hear back from support. Seems super shady unless there is a hidden fee they don't put on your order initially which again is still super shady.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Attitude seed bank in the U.S.? /r/microgrowery

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Attitude Seed Bank now taking Bitcoins

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I want to order In-House Genetics, but I am having trouble. What seed bank do you guys use, and what is your preferred way of paying? I don’t wanna get screwed over.

I want to order In-House Genetics, but I am having trouble. What seed bank do you guys use, and what is your preferred way of paying? I don’t wanna get screwed over. submitted by LexLexer to microgrowery [link] [comments]

So these finally came in the mail today. Only cow am I happy!!!

So these finally came in the mail today. Only cow am I happy!!! submitted by LEDnoob to microgrowery [link] [comments]

I was going to go with meph but I can’t get btc at the moment. Then I was going for night owl since it’s Daz. But my total limit shipped with the credit card is $60! So i landed on one of two strains. Help me decide and pick the best site to get it from.

Sweet Seeds - Dark devil (Attitude weed bank has buy 3 get one free. And shipped with stealth and express it’s 58$) and the strain looks dank and they are a trusted brand it seems. But if there’s a site that will ship faster for the same price. Please let me know.
The other option is Fastbuds - LSD-25.
There is no deal on these other than buy 5 and get 5 of the same strain free. If anyone can tell me it’s worth growing ten of them lol let me known I only have a 2ftx2ft space and I like variety because I am helping my wife find a strain i can grow quick that is effective for her disorders. Attitude will let me buy singles for 10$! A pc with no free seeds.
Then I get two feminized seeds from two other breeders one of which is Barney’s farm.
I think the 4 dark devils snd the freebies it comes with should be good.
So which strain or breeder? And what site have you had the best turnaround time on when paying with a CC. Next time I’ll use bitcoin and get meph strains. But for now I could use your insight!!!!
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Looking for an easy and reliable website to buy cannabis seeds

I was wondering what the community has to say about any good websites for cannabis seeds. Looking for something easy to use and can be trusted.
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Need some help with buying

Hey guys I'm pretty new to this but with everything I do I usually spend an inordinate amount of time researching and covering my ass cause I'm pretty careful. So I'm ready to buy and have looked at a few seed banks like attitude and Herbie's. Now I'm just trying to figure out how I plan on paying. Who here has experience with buying with cash, cc, bitcoin from either of these seed banks and how safe is this? I want the safest route to ensure my money isn't lost, I don't want a paper trail and I need it discrete and would prefer if nothing showed up in my bank statements as I share a joint account. I'm worried cash may take too long/won't even make it, credit card is like a last resort, and bitcoin seems complicated and I don't know how safe/anonymous it is. Any thoughts/experiences?
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FUD Copy Pastas

**Last updated: May 30, 2018: Updated wallet info with release of Trinity.
This 4 part series from the IOTA foundation covers most of the technical FUD centered at IOTA.
Also the official IOTA faq on answers nearly all of these questions if you want to hear the answers directly.
Purpose of Writing
Since posting FUD is so ridiculously low-effort in comparison to setting the record straight, I felt it necessary to put a log of copy-pastas together to balance the scales so its just as easy to answer the FUD as it was to generate it. So next time you hear someone say "IOTA is centralized", you no longer have to take an hour out of your day and spin your wheels with someone who likely had an agenda to begin with. You just copy-paste away and move on.
It's also worth mentioning IOTA devs are too damn busy working on the protocol and doing their job to answer FUD. So I felt a semblance of responsibility.
Here they are. These answers are too my understanding so if you see something that doesn't look right let me know! They are divided into the following categories so if you are interested in a specific aspect of IOTA you can scroll to that section.


IOTA was hacked and users funds were stolen!

First, IOTA was not hacked. The term “hacked” is thrown around way too brazingly nowadays and often used to describe events that weren’t hacks to begin with. Its a symptom of this space growing way too fast creating situations of the blind leading the blind and causing hysteria.
What happened:
Many IOTA users trusted a certain 3rd party website to create their seed for their wallets. This website silently sent copies of all the seeds generated to an email address and waited till it felt it had enough funds, then it took everyones money simultaneously. That was the ”hack”.
The lesson:
The absolute #1 marketed feature of crypto is that you are your own bank. Of everything that is common knowledge about crypto, this is at the top. But being your own bank means you are responsible for the security of your own funds. There is no safety net or centralized system in place that is going to bail you out.
For those that don’t know (and you really should if you’ve invested in anything crypto), your seed is your username-pw-security question-backup email all rolled into one. Would you trust a no-name 3rd party website to produce your username+pw for your bank account? Because thats essentially what users did.
The fix:
Make your seed offline with the generators in the sidebar or use dice. This is outlined in the “how to generate wallet and seed” directly following.
The trinity and carriota wallets will have seed generators within them upon their release.

How to generate wallet and seed

1) Download official trinity wallet here
2) follow the instructions on the app.
3) Do not run any apps in conjunction with the trinity app. Make sure all other apps are completely closed out on your device.

Are you sure a computer can’t just guess my seed?

An IOTA seed is 81 characters long. There are more IOTA seed combinations than atoms in the universe. All the computers in the world combined would take millions billions of years just to find your randomly generated one that’s located somewhere between the 0th and the 2781st combination. The chance for someone to randomly generate the exact same seed as yours is 1 / (2781).
If you can’t fathom the number 27 ^ 81, this video should help:

Why is Trinity wallet taking so long!!??

Trinity is out.


IOTA introduction video to share with family

Tangle visualizers

How to setup a full node

Download Bolero and run! Bolero is an all-in-one full node install package with the latest IOTA IRI and Nelson all under a one-click install!
"If you want to help the network then spam the network. If you really want to help the network then create a full node and let others spam you!"

No questions or concerns get upvoted, only downvoted!

That’s just the nature of this business. Everyone in these communities has money at stake and are extremely incentivized to keep only positive news at the top of the front page. There is nothing you're going to do about that on this subreddit or any crypto subreddit. It's just a reddit fact of life we have to deal with. Everyone has a downvote and everyone has an upvote. But what can be done is just simply answer the questions even if they are downvoted to hell. Yea most people wont' see the answers or discussion but that one person will. every little bit counts.
I will say that there are most certainly answers to nearly every FUD topic out there. Every single one. A lot of the posts I'm seeing as of late especially since the price spike are rehashed from months ago. They are often not answered not because there isn't an answeexplanation, but because regulars who have the answers simply don't see them (for the reason listed above). I can see how it's easy for this to be interpreted (especially by new users) as there not being an answer or "the FUDsters are on to something" but thats just not the case.

Developer's candidness (aka dev's are assholes!)
Lastly and to no surprise, David conducts himself very professionally in this interview even when asked several tough questions about the coordinator and MIT criticism.

IOTA Devs do not respond appropriately to criticism

When critiquers provide feedback that is ACTUALLY useful to the devs, then sure they'll be glad to hear it. So far not once has an outside dev brought up something that the IOTA devs found useful. Every single time it ends up being something that was already taken into consideration with the design and if the critiquer did an ounce of research they would know that. Thus you often find the IOTA devs dismissing their opinion as FUD and responding with hostility because all their critique is really doing is sending the message to their supporters that they are not supposed to like IOTA anymore.
Nick Johnson was a perfect example of this. The Ethereum community was co-existing [peacefully]with IOTA’s community (as they do with nearly all alt coins) until Nick wrote his infamous article. Then almost overnight Ethereum decided it didn’t like IOTA anymore and we’ve been dealing with that shit since. As of today, add LTC to that list with Charlie’s (even admitting) ignorant judgement of IOTA.
12/17/2017: Add John McAfee (bitcoin cash) and Peter Todd (bitcoin) to the list of public figures who have posted ignorantly on IOTA.

A lot of crypto communities certainly like to hate on IOTA...

IOTA is disrupting the disrupters. It invented a completely new distributed ledger infrastructure (the tangle) that replaces the blockchain and solves all of its fundamental problems (namely fees and scaling). To give you an idea of this significance, 99% of the cryptocurrencies that exist are built on a block chain. These projects have billions of dollars invested into them meaning everyone in their communities are incentivized to see IOTA fail and spread as much FUD about it as possible. This includes well known organizations, public figures, and brands. Everyone commenting in these subreddits and crypto communities have their own personal money at stake and skin in the game. Misinformation campaigns, paid reddit posters, upvote/downvote bots, and corrupt moderators are all very real in this space.


How do I buy IOTA

What is the IOTA foundation?

IOTA foundation is a non-profit established in Germany and recognized by the European Union. Blog post here:

How many companies and organizations are interested, partnered or actively using IOTA?

A lot, and often too many to keep up with.

How was IOTA distributed?

All IOTAs that will ever exist were sold at the ICO in 2015. There was no % reserved for development. Devs had to buy in with their personal money. Community donated back 5% of all IOTA so the IOTA foundation could be setup.

No inflation schedule? No additional coins? How is this sustainable?

Interestingly enough, IOTA is actually the only crypto that does not run into any problems with a currency cap and deflationaryism. Because there are zero fees, you will always be able to pay for something for exactly what it's worth using IOTA, no matter how small the value. If by chance in the future a single iota grows so large in value that it no longer allows someone to pay for something in fractions of a penny, the foundation would just add decimal points allowing for a tenth or a hundreth or a thousandth of an iota to be transacted with.
To give you some perspective, if a single IOTA equals 1 penny, IOTA would have a 27 trillion dollar market cap (100x that of Bitcoin's today)

IOTA is not for P2P, only for M2M

With the release of the trinity wallet, it's now dead simple for anyone to use IOTA funds for P2P. Try it out.

Companies technically don’t have to use the IOTA token

Yes they do
Worth clarifying that 0 iota data transactions are perfectly fine and are welcomed since they still provide pow for 2 other transactions and help secure the network. In the early stages, these types of transactions will probably be what give us the tps/pow needed to remove the coordinator and allow the network defend 34% attacks organically.
But... if someone does not want to sell or exchange their data for free (0 IOTA transaction), then Dominic is saying that the IOTA token must be used for that or any exchange in value on the network.
This is inherently healthy for the ecosystem since it provides a neutral and non-profit middle ground that all parties/companies can trust. If one company made their own token it wouldn’t be trusted since companies are incentivized by profits and nothing is stopping them from manipulating their token to make them more money. Thus, the IOTA foundation will not partner with anyone who refuses to take this option off the table.

All these companies are going to influence IOTA development!!

These companies have no influence on the development of IOTA. They either choose to use it or they don’t.

Internet of things is cheap and will stay cheap

Internet of things is one application of IOTA and considered by many to be the 4th industrial revolution. Go do some googling. IOTA having zero fees enables M2M for the first time in history. Also, if a crypto can do M2M it sure as shit can do M2P and P2P. M2M is hard mode.

IOTA surpassing speculation

IOTA, through the data marketplace and [qubic](, will be the first crypto to surpass speculation and actually be used in the real world for something. From there, it will branch out into other use cases, such as P2P. Or maybe P2P use of IOTA will grow in parallel with M2M, because why not?
12/19/17 update: Bosch reinforces IOTA's break-out from speculation by buying IOTA tokens for its future use in the data marketplace.

Investing in a new project barely off the ground

Investing in a project in its early stages was something typically reserved for wealthy individuals/organizations before ICO’s became a thing. With early investing comes much less hand holding and more responsibility on the user to know what they are doing. If you have a hard time accepting this responsibility, don’t invest and wait for the technology to get easier for you. How many people actually knew how to use and mine bitcoin in 2009 before it had all its gui infrastructure?
IOTA is a tangle, the first of its kind. NOT a copy paste blockchain. As a result wallets and applications for IOTA are the first of their kind and translating the tangle into a nice clean user-friendly blockchain experience for the masses is even more taxing.

Why is the price of my coin falling?!

This may be the most asked question on any crypto subreddit but it's also the easiest to explain. The price typically falls when bad things happen to a coin or media fabricates bad news about a coin and a portion of investors take it seriously. The price increases when good things happen to a coin, such as a new exchange listing or a partnership announced etc.. The one piece that is often forgotten but trumps all these effects is something called "market forces".
Market forces is what happens to your coin when another coin gets a big news hit or a group of other coins get big news hits together. For example, when IOTA data marketplace released, IOTA hit a x5 bull run in a single week. But did you notice all the other alt coins in the red? There are a LOT of traders that are looking at the space as a whole and looking to get in on ANY bull action and will sell their other coins to do so. This effect can also be compounded over a long period of time such as what we witnessed when the bitcoin fork FOMO was going on and alt coins were squeezed continuously to feed it for weeks/months.
These examples really just scratch the surface of market forces but the big takeaway is that your coin or any coin will most certainly fall (or rise) in price at the result of what other coins are doing, with the most well known example being bitcoin’s correlation to every coin on the market. If you don't want to play the market-force game or don't have time for it, then you can never go wrong buying and holding.
It's also important to note that there are layers of investors. There's a top layer of light-stepping investors that are a mixture of day traders and gamblers trying to jump in and jump out to make quick money then look for the next buying (or shorting) opportunity at another coin. There's a middle layer of buyers and holders who did their research, believe in the tech and placing their bets it will win out in the long run. And the bottom layer are the founders and devs that are in it till the bitter end and there to see the vision realized. When a coin goes on a bull run, always expect that any day the top layer is going to pack up and leave to the next coin. But the long game is all about that middle layer. That is the layer that will be giving the bear markets their price-drop resistance. That is why the meme "HODL" is so effective because it very elegantly simplifies this whole concept for the common joe and makes them a part of that middle layer regardless if they understand whats going on or not.


How is IOTA free and how does it scale

IOTA is an altruistic system. Proof of work is done in IOTA just like bitcoin. Only a user’s device/phone must do pow for 2 other transactions before issuing one of its own. Therefore no miners and no fees. And the network becomes faster the more transactions are posted. Because of this, spamming the network is encouraged since they provide pow for 2 other transactions and speed up the network.

IOTA is centralized

IOTA is more decentralized than any blockchain crypto that relies on 5 pools of miners, all largely based in China. Furthermore, the coordinator is not a server in the dev’s basement that secretly processes all the transactions. It’s several nodes all around the globe that add milestone transactions to show the direction of the IF’s tangle within the DAG so people don’t accidentally follow a fork from a malicious actor. Anyone with the know-how can fork the tangle right now with a double-spend. But no one would follow their fork because the coordinator reveals which tangle is the legit IF one. If the coordinator wasn’t there (assuming low honest-transaction volume), there would be no way to discern which path to follow especially after the tangle diverges into forks of forks. Once throughout of honest transactions is significant enough, the “honest tangle” will replace the coordinated one and people will know which one to follow simply because it’s the biggest one in the room.
Referencing the coordinator is also optional.
Also, if you research and understand how IOTA intends to work without the coordinator, it’s easier to accept it for now as training wheels. I suggest reading pg 15 and on of the white paper analyzing in great depth how the network will defend different attack scenarios without a coordinator. For the past several months, IOTA foundation has been using St Petersburg college’s super computer to stress test IOTA and learn when they can turn the coordinator off. There will likely be a blog about the results soon.
This is another great read covering double spends on IOTA without a coordinator:
This too:
Also this correspondence with Vitalik and Come_from_Beyond
At the end of the day, outstanding claims require outstanding evidence and folks approaching IOTA with a “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude is completely understandable. It’s all about your risk tolerance.

Can IOTA defend double spend attacks?

99% of these “but did they think about double spend attacks?” type questions could just be answered if people went and did their own research. Yes of course they thought about that. That’s like crypto101…

Will IOTA have smart contracts?

Yes -

Trinary vs binary?

"By using a ternary number system, the amount of devices and cycles can be reduced significantly. In contrast to two-state devices, multistate devices provide better radix economy with the option for further scaling"

Bitcoin with lightning network will make IOTA obsolete.

If you want lightning network, IOTA already released it. Called flash channels.

IOTA rolled its own crypto!
This is why:
Cybercrypt has been hired to review and audit it. IOTA is currently running SHA-3/KECCAK now until Curl is ready.

MIT said bad things about IOTA
And for official formal closure that MIT was completely wrong:

Nick Johnson says IOTA is bad!

Nick Johnson is an ethereum dev who is incentivized to see IOTA fail, see CFBs twitter responses here.
And this
And this
And this

IOTA is not private!

Masked authenticated messages exist right now so data can be transferred privately. Very important for businesses.

Coin privacy

Centralized coin mixer is out that foundation runs. Logs are kept so they can collect data and improve it Folks can copy the coin mixer code and run it themselves. Goal is for mixer to be decentralized and ran by any node.

How do nodes scale? How on earth can all that data be stored?

Full nodes store, update and verify from the last snapshot, which happens roughly every month. Its on the roadmap to make snapshotting automatic and up to each full node’s discretion.With automatic snapshots, each full node will act as a partial perma-node and choose when to snapshot its tangle data. If someone wants to keep their tangle data for several months or even years, they could just choose not to snapshot. Or if they are limited on hard drive space, they could snapshot every week.
Perma-nodes would store the entire history of the tangle from the genesis. These are optional and would likely only be created by companies who wish to sell historical access of the tangle as a service or companies who heavily use the tangle for their own data and want to have quick, convenient access to their data’s history.
Swarm nodes are also in development which will ease the burden on full nodes.

Node discovery is manual? Wtf?

Nelson is fixing has fixed this:

IOTA open source?
IOTA protocol is open source. The coordinator is closed source open source.

Foundation moved user's funds?

My IOTA donation address:

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An extensive guide for cashing out bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into private banks

Hey guys.
Merry Xmas !
I am coming back to you with a follow up post, as I have helped many people cash out this year and I have streamlined the process. After my original post, I received many requests to be more specific and provide more details. I thought that after the amazing rally we have been attending over the last few months, and the volatility of the last few days, it would be interesting to revisit more extensively.
The attitude of banks around crypto is changing slowly, but it is still a tough stance. For the first partial cash out I operated around a year ago for a client, it took me months to find a bank. They wouldn’t want to even consider the case and we had to knock at each and every door. Despite all my contacts it was very difficult back in the days. This has changed now, and banks have started to open their doors, but there is a process, a set of best practices and codes one has to follow.
I often get requests from crypto guys who are very privacy-oriented, and it takes me months to have them understand that I am bound by Swiss law on banking secrecy, and I am their ally in this onboarding process. It’s funny how I have to convince people that banks are legit, while on the other side, banks ask me to show that crypto millionaires are legit. I have a solid background in both banking and in crypto so I manage to make the bridge, but yeah sometimes it is tough to reconcile the two worlds. I am a crypto enthusiast myself and I can say that after years of work in the banking industry I have grown disillusioned towards banks as well, like many of you. Still an account in a Private bank is convenient and powerful. So let’s get started.
There are two different aspects to your onboarding in a Swiss Private bank, compliance-wise.
*The origin of your crypto wealth
*Your background (residence, citizenship and probity)
These two aspects must be documented in-depth.
How to document your crypto wealth. Each new crypto millionaire has a different story. I may detail a few fun stories later in this post, but at the end of the day, most of crypto rich I have met can be categorized within the following profiles: the miner, the early adopter, the trader, the corporate entity, the black market, the libertarian/OTC buyer. The real question is how you prove your wealth is legit.
1. Context around the original amount/investment Generally speaking, your first crypto purchase may not be documented. But the context around this acquisition can be. I have had many cases where the original amount was bought through Mtgox, and no proof of purchase could be provided, nor could be documented any Mtgox claim. That’s perfectly fine. At some point Mtgox amounted 70% of the bitcoin transactions globally, and people who bought there and managed to withdraw and keep hold of their bitcoins do not have any Mtgox claim. This is absolutely fine. However, if you can show me the record of a wire from your bank to Tisbane (Mtgox's parent company) it's a great way to start.
Otherwise, what I am trying to document here is the following: I need context. If you made your first purchase by saving from summer jobs, show me a payroll. Even if it was USD 2k. If you acquired your first bitcoins from mining, show me the bills of your mining equipment from 2012 or if it was through a pool mine, give me your slushpool account ref for instance. If you were given bitcoin against a service you charged, show me an invoice.
2. Tracking your wealth until today and making sense of it. What I have been doing over the last few months was basically educating compliance officers. Thanks God, the blockchain is a global digital ledger! I have been telling my auditors and compliance officers they have the best tool at their disposal to lead a proper investigation. Whether you like it or not, your wealth can be tracked, from address to address. You may have thought all along this was a bad feature, but I am telling you, if you want to cash out, in the context of Private Banking onboarding, tracking your wealth through the block explorer is a boon. We can see the inflows, outflows. We can see the age behind an address. An early adopter who bought 1000 BTC in 2010, and let his bitcoin behind one address and held thus far is legit, whether or not he has a proof of purchase to show. That’s just common sense. My job is to explain that to the banks in a language they understand.
Let’s have a look at a few examples and how to document the few profiles I mentioned earlier.
The trader. I love traders. These are easy cases. I have a ton of respect for them. Being a trader myself in investment banks for a decade earlier in my career has taught me that controlling one’s emotions and having the discipline to impose oneself some proper risk management system is really really hard. Further, being able to avoid the exchange bankruptcy and hacks throughout crypto history is outstanding. It shows real survival instinct, or just plain blissed ignorance. In any cases traders at exchange are easy cases to corroborate since their whole track record is potentially available. Some traders I have met have automated their trading and have shown me more than 500k trades done over the span of 4 years. Obviously in this kind of scenario I don’t show everything to the bank to avoid information overload, and prefer to do some snacking here and there. My strategy is to show the early trades, the most profitable ones, explain the trading strategy and (partially expose) the situation as of now with id pages of the exchanges and current balance. Many traders have become insensitive to the risk of parking their crypto at exchange as they want to be able to trade or to grasp an occasion any minute, so they generally do not secure a substantial portion on the blockchain which tends to make me very nervous.
The early adopter. Provided that he has not mixed his coin, the early adopter or “hodler” is not a difficult case either. Who cares how you bought your first 10k btc if you bought them below 3$ ? Even if you do not have a purchase proof, I would generally manage to find ways. We just have to corroborate the original 30’000 USD investment in this case. I mainly focus on three things here:
*proof of early adoption I have managed to educate some banks on a few evidences specifically related to crypto markets. For instance with me, an old bitcointalk account can serve as a proof of early adoption. Even an old reddit post from a few years ago where you say how much you despise this Ripple premined scam can prove to be a treasure readily available to show you were early.
*story telling Compliance officers like to know when, why and how. They are human being looking for simple answers to simple questions and they don’t want like to be played fool. Telling the truth, even without a proof can do wonders, and even though bluffing might still work because banks don’t fully understand bitcoin yet, it is a risky strategy that is less and less likely to pay off as they are getting more sophisticated by the day.
*micro transaction from an old address you control This is the killer feature. Send a $20 worth transaction from an old address to my company wallet and to one of my partner bank’s wallet and you are all set ! This is gold and considered a very solid piece of evidence. You can also do a microtransaction to your own wallet, but banks generally prefer transfer to their own wallet. Patience with them please. they are still learning.
*signature message Why do a micro transaction when you can sign a message and avoid potentially tainting your coins ?
*ICO millionaire Some clients made their wealth participating in ETH crowdsale or IOTA ICO. They were very easy to deal with obviously and the account opening was very smooth since we could evidence the GENESIS TxHash flow.
The miner Not so easy to proof the wealth is legit in that case. Most early miners never took screenshot of the blocks on bitcoin core, nor did they note down the block number of each block they mined. Until the the Slashdot article from August 2010 anyone could mine on his laptop, let his computer run overnight and wake up to a freshly minted block containing 50 bitcoins back in the days. Not many people were structured enough to store and secure these coins, avoid malwares while syncing the blockchain continuously, let alone document the mined blocks in the process. What was 50 BTC worth really for the early miners ? dust of dollars, games and magic cards… Even miners post 2010 are generally difficult to deal with in terms of compliance onboarding. Many pool mining are long dead. Deepbit is down for instance and the founders are MIA. So my strategy to proof mining activity is as follow:
*Focusing on IT background whenever possible. An IT background does help a lot to bring some substance to the fact you had the technical ability to operate a mining rig.
*Showing mining equipment receipts. If you mined on your own you must have bought the hardware to do so. For instance mining equipment receipts from butterfly lab from 2012-2013 could help document your case. Similarly, high electricity bill from your household on a consistent basis back in the day could help. I have already unlocked a tricky case in the past with such documents when the bank was doubtful.
*Wallet.dat files with block mining transactions from 2011 thereafter This obviously is a fantastic piece of evidence for both you and me if you have an old wallet and if you control an address that received original mined blocks, (even if the wallet is now empty). I will make sure compliance officers understand what it means, and as for the early adopter, you can prove your control over these wallet through a microtransaction. With these kind of addresses, I can show on the block explorer the mined block rewards hitting at regular time interval, and I can even spot when difficulty level increased or when halvening process happened.
*Poolmining account. Here again I have educated my partner bank to understand that a slush account opened in 2013 or an OnionTip presence was enough to corroborate mining activity. The block explorer then helps me to do the bridge with your current wallet.
*Describing your set up and putting it in context In the history of mining we had CPU, GPU, FPG and ASICs mining. I will describe your technical set up and explain why and how your set up was competitive at that time.
The corporate entity Remember 2012 when we were all convinced bitcoin would take over the world, and soon everyone would pay his coffee in bitcoin? How naïve we were to think transaction fees would remain low forever. I don’t blame bitcoin cash supporters; I once shared this dream as well. Remember when we thought global adoption was right around the corner and some brick and mortar would soon accept bitcoin transaction as a common mean of payment? Well, some shop actually did accept payment and held. I had a few cases as such of shops holders, who made it to the multi million mark holding and had invoices or receipts to proof the transactions. If you are organized enough to keep a record for these trades and are willing to cooperate for the documentation, you are making your life easy. The digital advertising business is also a big market for the bitcoin industry, and affiliates partner compensated in btc are common. It is good to show an invoice, it is better to show a contract. If you do not have a contract (which is common since all advertising deals are about ticking a check box on the website to accept terms and conditions), there are ways around that. If you are in that case, pm me.
The black market Sorry guys, I can’t do much for you officially. Not that I am judging you. I am a libertarian myself. It’s just already very difficult to onboard legit btc adopters, so the black market is a market I cannot afford to consider. My company is regulated so KYC and compliance are key for me if I want to stay in business. Behind each case I push forward I am risking the credibility and reputation I have built over the years. So I am sorry guys I am not risking it to make an extra buck. Your best hope is that crypto will eventually take over the world and you won’t need to cash out anyway. Or go find a Lithuanian bank that is light on compliance and cooperative.
The OTC buyer and the libertarian. Generally a very difficult case. If you bought your stack during your journey in Japan 5 years ago to a guy you never met again; or if you accumulated on and kept no record or lost your account, it is going to be difficult. Not impossible but difficult. We will try to build a case with everything else we have, and I may be able to onboard you. However I am risking a lot here so I need to be 100% confident you are legit, before I defend you. Come & see me in Geneva, and we will talk. I will run forensic services like elliptic, chainalysis, or scorechain on an extract of your wallet. If this scan does not raise too many red flags, then maybe we can work together ! If you mixed your coins all along your crypto history, and shredded your seeds because you were paranoid, or if you made your wealth mining professionally monero over the last 3 years but never opened an account at an exchange. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I am not a magician and don’t get me wrong, I love monero, it’s not the point.
Cashing out ICOs Private companies or foundations who have ran an ICO generally have a very hard time opening a bank account. The few banks that accept such projects would generally look at 4 criteria:
*Seriousness of the project Extensive study of the whitepaper to limit the reputation risk
*AML of the onboarding process ICOs 1.0 have no chance basically if a background check of the investors has not been conducted
*Structure of the moral entity List of signatories, certificate of incumbency, work contract, premises...
*Fiscal conformity Did the company informed the authorities and seek a fiscal ruling.
For the record, I am not into the tax avoidance business, so people come to me with a set up and I see if I can make it work within the legal framework imposed to me.
First, stop thinking Switzerland is a “offshore heaven” Swiss banks have made deals with many governments for the exchange of fiscal information. If you are a French citizen, resident in France and want to open an account in a Private Bank in Switzerland to cash out your bitcoins, you will get slaughtered (>60%). There are ways around that, and I could refer you to good tax specialists for fiscal optimization, but I cannot organize it myself. It would be illegal for me. Swiss private banks makes it easy for you to keep a good your relation with your retail bank and continue paying your bills without headaches. They are integrated to SEPA, provide ebanking and credit cards.
For information, these are the kind of set up some of my clients came up with. It’s all legal; obviously I do not onboard clients that are not tax compliant. Further disclaimer: I did not contribute myself to these set up. Do not ask me to organize it for you. I won’t.
EU tricks
Swiss lump sum taxation Foreign nationals resident in Switzerland can be taxed on a lump-sum basis if they are not gainfully employed in our country. Under the lump-sum tax regime, foreign nationals taking residence in Switzerland may choose to pay an expense-based tax instead of ordinary income and wealth tax. Attractive cantons for the lump sum taxation are Zug, Vaud, Valais, Grisons, Lucerne and Berne. To make it short, you will be paying somewhere between 200 and 400k a year and all expenses will be deductible.
Switzerland has adopted a very friendly attitude towards crypto currency in general. There is a whole crypto valley in Zug now. 30% of ICOs are operated in Switzerland. The reason is that Switzerland has thrived for centuries on banking secrecy, and today with FATCA and exchange of fiscal info with EU, banking secrecy is dead. Regulators in Switzerland have understood that digital ledger technologies were a way to roll over this competitive advantage for the generations to come. Switzerland does not tax capital gains on crypto profits. The Finma has a very pragmatic approach. They have issued guidance- updated guidelines here. They let the business get organized and operate their analysis on a case per case basis. Only after getting a deep understanding of the market will they issue a global fintech license in 2019. This approach is much more realistic than legislations which try to regulate everything beforehand.
Italy new tax exemption. It’s a brand new fiscal exemption. Go to Aoste, get residency and you could be taxed a 100k/year for 10years. Yes, really.
Portugal What’s crazy in Europe is the lack of fiscal harmonization. Even if no one in Brussels dares admit it, every other country is doing fiscal dumping. Portugal is such a country and has proved very friendly fiscally speaking. I personally have a hard time trusting Europe. I have witnessed what happened in Greece over the last few years. Some of our ultra high net worth clients got stuck with capital controls. I mean no way you got out of crypto to have your funds confiscated at the next financial crisis! Anyway. FYI
Malta Generally speaking, if you get a residence somewhere you have to live there for a certain period of time. Being stuck in Italy is no big deal with Schengen Agreement, but in Malta it is a different story. In Malta, the ordinary residence scheme is more attractive than the HNWI residence scheme. Being an individual, you can hold a residence permit under this scheme and pay zero income tax in Malta in a completely legal way.
Monaco Not suitable for French citizens, but for other Ultra High Net worth individual, Monaco is worth considering. You need an account at a local bank as a proof of fortune, and this account generally has to be seeded with at least EUR500k. You also need a proof of residence. I do mean UHNI because if you don’t cash out minimum 30m it’s not interesting. Everything is expensive in Monaco. Real Estate is EUR 50k per square meter. A breakfast at Monte Carlo Bay hotel is 70 EUR. Monaco is sunny but sometimes it feels like a golden jail. Do you really want that for your kids?
  1. Set up a company in Dubaï, get your resident card.
  2. Spend one day every 6 month there
  3. ???
  4. Be tax free
US tricks Some Private banks in Geneva do have the license to manage the assets of US persons and U.S citizens. However, do not think it is a way to avoid paying taxes in the US. Opening an account at an authorized Swiss Private banks is literally the same tax-wise as opening an account at Fidelity or at Bank of America in the US. The only difference is that you will avoid all the horror stories. Horror stories are all real by the way. In Switzerland, if you build a decent case and answer all the questions and corroborate your case in depth, you will manage to convince compliance officers beforehand. When the money eventually hits your account, it is actually available and not frozen.
The IRS and FATCA require to file FBAR if an offshore account is open. However FBAR is a reporting requirement and does not have taxes related to holding an account outside the US. The taxes would be the same if the account was in the US. However penalties for non compliance with FBAR are very large. The tax liability management is actually performed through the management of the assets ( for exemple by maximizing long term capital gains and minimizing short term gains).
The case for Porto Rico. Full disclaimer here. I am not encouraging this. Have not collaborated on such tax avoidance schemes. if you are interested I strongly encourage you to seek a tax advisor and get a legal opinion. I am not responsible for anything written below. I am not going to say much because I am so afraid of uncle Sam that I prefer to humbly pass the hot potato to pwc From here all it takes is a good advisor and some creativity to be tax free on your crypto wealth if you are a US person apparently. Please, please please don’t ask me more. And read the disclaimer again.
Trust tricks Generally speaking I do not accept fringe fiscal situation because it puts me in a difficult situation to the banks I work with, and it is already difficult enough to defend a legit crypto case. Trust might be a way to optimize your fiscal situation. Belize. Bahamas. Seychelles. Panama, You name it. At the end of the day, what matters for Swiss Banks are the beneficial owner and the settlor. Get a legal opinion, get it done, and when you eventually knock at a private bank’s door, don’t say it was for fiscal avoidance you stupid ! You will get the door smashed upon you. Be smarter. It will work. My advice is just to have it done by a great tax specialist lawyer, even if it costs you some money, as the entity itself needs to be structured in a professional way. Remember that with trust you are dispossessing yourself off your wealth. Not something to be taken lightly.
“Anonymous” cash out. Right. I think I am not going into this topic, neither expose the ways to get it done. Pm me for details. I already feel a bit uncomfortable with all the info I have provided. I am just going to mention many people fear that crypto exchange might become reporting entities soon, and rightly so. This might happen anyday. You have been warned. FYI, this only works for non-US and large cash out.
The difference between traders an investors. Danmark, Holland and Germany all make a huge difference if you are a passive investor or if you are a trader. ICO is considered investing for instance and is not taxed, while trading might be considered as income and charged aggressively. I would try my best to protect you and put a focus on your investor profile whenever possible, so you don't have to pay 52% tax if you do not have to :D
Full cash out or partial cash out? People who have been sitting on crypto for long have grown an emotional and irrational link with their coins. They come to me and say, look, I have 50m in crypto but I would like to cash out 500k only. So first let me tell you that as a wealth manager my advice to you is to take some off the table. Doing a partial cash out is absolutely fine. The market is bullish. We are witnessing a redistribution of wealth at a global scale. Bitcoin is the real #occupywallstreet, and every one will discuss crypto at Xmas eve which will make the market even more supportive beginning 2018, especially with all hedge funds entering the scene. If you want to stay exposed to bitcoin and altcoins, and believe these techs will change the world, it’s just natural you want to keep some coins. In the meantime, if you have lived off pizzas over the last years, and have the means to now buy yourself an nice house and have an account at a private bank, then f***ing do it mate ! Buy physical gold with this account, buy real estate, have some cash at hands. Even though US dollar is worthless to your eyes, it’s good and convenient to have some. Also remember your wife deserves it ! And if you have no wife yet and you are socially awkward like the rest of us, then maybe cashing out partially will help your situation ;)
What the Private Banks expect. Joke aside, it is important you understand something. If you come around in Zurich to open a bank account and partially cash out, just don’t expect Private Banks will make an exception for you if you are small. You can’t ask them to facilitate your cash out, buy a 1m apartment with the proceeds of the sale, and not leave anything on your current account. It won’t work. Sadly, under 5m you are considered small in private banking. The bank is ok to let you open an account, provided that your kyc and compliance file are validated, but they will also want you to become a client and leave some money there to invest. This might me despicable, but I am just explaining you their rules. If you want to cash out, you should sell enough to be comfortable and have some left. Also expect the account opening to last at least 3-4 week if everything goes well. You can't just open an account overnight.
The cash out logistics. Cashing out 1m USD a day in bitcoin or more is not so hard.
Let me just tell you this: Even if you get a Tier 4 account with Kraken and ask Alejandro there to raise your limit over $100k per day, Even if you have a bitfinex account and you are willing to expose your wealth there, Even if you have managed to pass all the crazy due diligence at Bitstamp,
The amount should be fractioned to avoid risking your full wealth on exchange and getting slaughtered on the price by trading big quantities. Cashing out involves significant risks at all time. There is a security risk of compromising your keys, a counterparty risk, a fat finger risk. Let it be done by professionals. It is worth every single penny.
Most importantly, there is a major difference between trading on an exchange and trading OTC. Even though it’s not publicly disclosed some exchange like Kraken do have OTC desks. Trading on an exchange for a large amount will weight on the prices. Bitcoin is a thin market. In my opinion over 30% of the coins are lost in translation forever. Selling $10m on an exchange in a day can weight on the prices more than you’d think. And if you trade on a exchange, everything is shown on record, and you might wipe out the prices because on exchanges like bitstamp or kraken ultimately your counterparties are retail investors and the market depth is not huge. It is a bit better on Bitfinex. It is way better to trade OTC. Accessing the institutional OTC market is not easy, and that is also the reason why you should ask a regulated financial intermediary if we are talking about huge amounts.
Last point, always chose EUR as opposed to USD. EU correspondent banks won’t generally block institutional amounts. However we had the cases of USD funds frozen or delayed by weeks.
Most well-known OTC desks are Cumberlandmining (ask for Lucas), Genesis (ask for Martin), Bitcoin Suisse AG (ask for Niklas), circletrade, B2C2, or Altcoinomy (ask for Olivier)
Very very large whales can also set up escrow accounts for massive block trades. This world, where blocks over 30k BTC are exchanged between 2 parties would deserve a reddit thread of its own. Crazyness all around.
Your options: DIY or going through a regulated financial intermediary.
Execution trading is a job in itself. You have to be patient, be careful not to wipe out the order book and place limit orders, monitor the market intraday for spikes or opportunities. At big levels, for a large cash out that may take weeks, these kind of details will save you hundred thousands of dollars. I understand crypto holders are suspicious and may prefer to do it by themselves, but there are regulated entities who now offer the services. Besides, being a crypto millionaire is not a guarantee you will get institutional daily withdrawal limits at exchange. You might, but it will take you another round of KYC with them, and surprisingly this round might be even more aggressive that the ones at Private banks since exchange have gone under intense scrutiny by regulators lately.
The fees for cashing out through a regulated financial intermediary to help you with your cash out should be around 1-2% flat on the nominal, not more. And for this price you should get the full package: execution/monitoring of the trades AND onboarding in a private bank. If you are asked more, you are being abused.
Of course, you also have the option to do it yourself. It is a way more tedious and risky process. Compliance with the exchange, compliance with the private bank, trading BTC/fiat, monitoring the transfers…You will save some money but it will take you some time and stress. Further, if you approach a private bank directly, it will trigger a series of red flag to the banks. As I said in my previous post, they call a direct approach a “walk-in”. They will be more suspicious than if you were introduced by someone and won’t hesitate to show you high fees and load your portfolio with in-house products that earn more money to the banks than to you. Remember also most banks still do not understand crypto so you will have a lot of explanations to provide and you will have to start form scratch with them!
The paradox of crypto millionaires Most of my clients who made their wealth through crypto all took massive amount of risks to end up where they are. However, most of them want their bank account to be managed with a low volatility fixed income capital preservation risk profile. This is a paradox I have a hard time to explain and I think it is mainly due to the fact that most are distrustful towards banks and financial markets in general. Many clients who have sold their crypto also have a cash-out blues in the first few months. This is a classic situation. The emotions involved in hodling for so long, the relief that everything has eventually gone well, the life-changing dynamics, the difficulties to find a new motivation in life…All these elements may trigger a post cash-out depression. It is another paradox of the crypto rich who has every card in his hand to be happy, but often feel a bit sad and lonely. Sometimes, even though it’s not my job, I had to do some psychological support. A lot of clients have also become my friends, because we have the same age and went through the same “ordeal”. First world problem I know… Remember, cashing out is not the end. It’s actually the beginning. Don’t look back, don’t regret. Cash out partially, because it does not make sense to cash out in full, regret it and want back in. relax.
The race to cash out crypto billionaire and the concept of late exiter. The Winklevoss brothers are obviously the first of a series. There will be crypto billionaires. Many of them. At a certain level you can have a whole family office working for you to manage your assets and take care of your needs . However, let me tell you it’s is not because you made it so big that you should think you are a genius and know everything better than anyone. You should hire professionals to help you. Managing assets require some education around the investment vehicles and risk management strategies. Sorry guys but with all the respect I have for wallstreebet, AMD and YOLO stock picking, some discipline is necessary. The investors who have made money through crypto are generally early adopters. However I have started to see another profile popping up. They are not early adopters. They are late exiters. It is another way but just as efficient. Last week I met the first crypto millionaire I know who first bough bitcoin over 1000$. 55k invested at the beginning of this year. Late adopter & late exiter is a route that can lead to the million.
Last remarks. I know banks, bankers, and FIAT currencies are so last century. I know some of you despise them and would like to have them burn to the ground. With compliance officers taking over the business, I would like to start the fire myself sometimes. I hope this extensive guide has helped some of you. I am around if you need more details. I love my job despite all my frustration towards the banking industry because it makes me meet interesting people on a daily basis. I am a crypto enthusiast myself, and I do think this tech is here to stay and will change the world. Banks will have to adapt big time. Things have started to change already; they understand the threat is real. I can feel the generational gap in Geneva, with all these old bankers who don’t get what’s going on. They glaze at the bitcoin chart on CNBC in disbelief and they start to get it. This bitcoin thing is not a joke. Deep inside, as an early adopter who also intends to be a late exiter, as a libertarian myself, it makes me smile with satisfaction.
Cheers. @swisspb on telegram
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Cards for attitude?

Does anyone know what debit cards work with attitude seeds from the US? I tried 3 different cards 1 American Express and 2 different visas. Last card I tried a representative said they can't lift the ban in order to make the purchase, something about the us Treasury set the ban and they would have to start allowing purchases from the USA to Nigeria (which is where a rep from attitude said their bank was). I never did Bitcoin and wouldn't know where to begin so that's not an option.
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Bitgrin - WHO I AM - introduction for new miners & investors

Bitgrin - WHO I AM - introduction for new miners & investors

Bitgrin is a privacy focused cryptocurrency on a protocol level based on MimbleWimble and a fork of GRIN coin.
This is about freedom from censorship and the banker regime.
The technology of Grin meets the economics of Bitcoin, for the worlds first
- private,
- scalable,
- decentralized currency with sound economic model (limited supply)

If you're not clear on what i mean by scalability: Bitcoin has a 240 GB blockchain. Ethereum has a 1TB blockchain. BitGrin will stay below 1GB due to the way old transactions get compressed and pruned
that means i can put a full node on your phone, not just a light wallet but a true full node

Bitgrin mainnet launched the 8th of February 2019

Ticker: XBG
Block time: ~60s
Block reward: 4.5 XBG
Next Halvening: Block 2,102,400
Supply: 21,000,000

We dont need a central authority declaring stuff official, we need grass-roots support

Emission Schedule:
Latest Kingfish releases :
Explore :

Discord :
Twitter :
Reddit :


Purpose of MimbleWimble is that no one can see your coins or who you sent them too, while still knowing coins are valid.
This is a huge deal in privacy, and we wish that Bitcoin had that from beginning.

But looks like we have a 2nd chance now. Grin failed that in our eyes with horrible economics


Our team is anonymous that won't change
We've got a small team who has been in blockchain dev since around 2011 as well as application developers, good at making things user friendly.
This all started because we were working on the Kingfish wallet which was a Grin wallet, and some miner software for Grin. The tech was very cool, but then this emission schedule and the attitude of the core devs made us realize their priorities wrong.
So Kingfish partners joined bitgrin team. Many of us on the original team were not happy with the economic decisions.
We're actually pretty active in Grin Core team chat.


BitGrin is a store of value, designed to be easy to use
Bitgrin share the same halvening schedule as BTC. Half as many rewards every 4 years. 4.5 coins per block, and then 2.25 after halving, and so on.

So theres really 3 things we bring to the table
  1. We create an economic incentive for folks to hold there coins with halvenings. This means the coin acts more as a store of value.
  2. We create a dev fee so we don't have to be like the Grin team and beg for donations. We'll take modest salaries to keep things running clean
  3. We are building super simple user friendly tools on top of the protocol so that in time the average user can simply pull out a phone and work with XBG coins

BitGrin makes transactions completely private, hiding the amount of coins a user owns, how many have been sent, and to whom they were sent.

Transactions are blinded, which means no-one can prove that coins have been sent at all!

BitGrin is private by design, even the developers don't know who is sending or receiving coins.

But how does it all actually work?
BitGrin is governed by the laws of mathematics, exploiting some very simple properties of addition and multiplication.
Elliptic curve cryptography is at the root of what keeps BitGrin (and Bitcoin) secure. The standard is also used by countless military, banking, and even government operations. Elliptic curve cryptography is a method of utilizing a secure curve to produce privately known numbers These extremely large numbers are nearly impossible to guess, but can be proven to have been generated by someone with knowledge of their private key.

Let me walk you through the process.
First, a user picks a really, really, really large number. Then they multiply it with the starting point on the curve.
The resulting coordinates on the curve are your public key and that really, really big number is your private key!
You can now securely encrypt values utilizing your private key, and publicly share your encrypted messages along with your public key. Other users in the world can *prove* that you must have knowledge of the correct private key, without them knowing what it is.

And this is the bedrock of almost all cryptography. It keeps the whole world secure!
The trick here is that it's pretty easy to get the coordinates of your public key, but it's nearly impossible to discover another user's private key.

A simple analogy for elliptic curve cryptography
Knowing just the public key is like knowing the location of an indestructible box, with the world's most complicated lock. Without the private key, it is impossible to access it's contents.
This is where, for example, Bitcoin's security model ends.
BitGrin, on the other hand, goes a few steps further.
BitGrin hides your even your *public* key. So now no one even knows *where* your indestructible box is.
This means that no one can see how many coins you have, who you are sending coins to, or how many you have received.
All of this is accomplished using just a few additional mathematical tricks.

How Bitcoin transactions work
To further explain, let's first talk about how Bitcoin transactions work.
Lett’s say you, a Bitcoin user, want to send some funds to another user. You would announce publicly to the network your public key, the amount of coins you would like to send, and proof that demonstrates you are indeed the owner of these coins.
You can see the problem here.
If someone goes through the history of the blockchain, they can clearly see who you received the coins from, who you are sending them to, how many were sent, and even how many you have.
You don't really want people knowing all of that information, do you?
Do you share your bank statements with everyone? Of course not.
Now... How can we fix this? How can we make transactions more private?

How BitGrin transactions work
Let's go over a BitGrin transaction...
BitGrin transactions are completely different than Bitcoin transactions, You can think of them as just a blank credit card with no name, just the number, and everyone who knows this number can spend money with it.
What the blockchain holds is just a list of these "cards", while obscuring the amounts in them, and who is in possession of them, or even who had contents in them prior.

Let's say for example I want to send you three BitGrin.
What we need to do now is prove that I own a credit card (or multiple cards) with the total of at least 3 coins.
We also need to create a new card for you. One whose number is only known by you.
First, I send you a message via a secure channel in between our wallets.
"Hey, I want to send you 3 coins. Here's proof I own at least 3. I'll also pay the fee."
You receive the message and you can compute your part of what it takes to make a new card. Then you send me back the proof that you know the new credit card number,
while not revealing the number to me, by using a special type of encryption.
Next, you send me a very very big number you choose to obscure the amount of coins by moving them by this amount on the elliptical curve.
Then, add to it a public key of the credit card number, made with another operation on the graph.
This will prove you own the coins, without either user revealing their private keys.

Finally, I add the number of coins to the very big number you chose.

We can prove the number of coins didn't change because 5-5 is 0. This is validated by the network to prevent coins from being created out of thin air.
And 5 plus the BigNumber, minus 5 plus the BigNumber, is also zero. By adding a hidden big number known only to us, we hide the amount from everyone else.
I combined all these details together into one large commitment, and then submit it to the BitGrin network.
Now the network needs to validate that no new coins were created and that your new card is valid. This is all done with simple mathematics, and is completely secure.
You now received your money! While it may sound like a long process, all of it is done within less than 1 second from the BitGrin wallet.
Want to spice things up? Generate invoices, transact using QR codes or send it by pigeons!

We're not done yet. This is not all that BitGrin improves.
As you may know, BitCoin transactions can take a very long time to be confirmed, and running a Bitcoin node is a very computer-intensive process.
BitGrin on the other hand is both fast, and extremely scalable! The majority of spent transactions get removed, making the blockchain much smaller than traditional blockchains.
This is done by miners in every block, as well as the entire blockchain over time.

Soon, everyone will be able to download the entire blockchain and synchronize it within seconds or minutes, even on a low powered mobile device or a payment terminal at the local checkout.

With further work and research, BitGrin will improve even more, enabling truly private, scalable digital cash to see mass adoption.


- Goal to be simple for end user
Crypto is super hard to use, keeping your money private is impossible. Bitgrin solves those problems making the latest scientific breakthroughs in cryptography, usable by everyone, all while being built on robust bitcoin economics. Bitgrin paves the road to mass adoption
there is a lot of confusion about what crypto is for many folks think it is a way to make money by buying new coins and selling as they mature
ignoring the central idea of decentralized money.
Grin folks invented a better BTC, and then proceeded to apply infinite inflation for reasons I can't explain it's decentralized, lightweight, and fast
but you can't just mint 1 new coin every second, thats not sound monetary policy even USD doesnt do anything that extreme
and yet the buying power of USD falls, even with their small inflation schedule and we already know a schedule that seems to work: the Bitcoin schedule
so why not use this in combination with the lightweight blockchain approach of Grin?
Lightning Network doesnt solve BTC problems, because settlement is important, and scale means fees.
Bitgrin solves all of these problems by offering a truly lightweight settlement layer, with no arbitrary P2P layer on top

__________A few words about others MW coins_____________
Grin has Grin economics: infinite coins forever which is kind of insane, Grin could have easily just limited their supply but they refuse to do that.
Our key differentiator is our economically sound emission schedule
Beam and BitGrin are working towards the same kind of thing, or at least our goals are more in line than they are with the Grin team. Our approaches are pretty different, from a technology perspective though. I fully expect all three projects to coexist and hopefully make each other better
Being “non corporate” isn’t necessarily good. To some degree it’s useful to have profits, a core team, etc
But if it’s too corporate (Beam) then your whole organization is susceptible to issues of centralization such as being shut down by the government.
The decentralized nature of the software prevents that to some extent, but nothing beats being driven by a team of anonymous contributors. That is true censorship resistance. It’s a feature, not a bug.
But we don’t need them to lose for us to win, we can win together, I believe a symbiotic mutually beneficial relationship is ideal with the Grin team.


1M coins are put in to height-locked contracts
about 20k released per month, starting next March 2018
so at launch, dev team has 0 coins
10% for 4 yrs, which amounts to 4% of total supply over time
Just a reminder that the dev fee is quite modest. It’s not like we are holding 90% of the supply like ICOs like to do
1mln pub const DEV_FEE_TOTAL: u64 = 1_000_000; // 1M coins to match Satoshi's Bitcoin holdings >> line 58
Payouts are staggered over 4 years by the smart contract
I think as far as the community goes, what you would WANT is developers who are paid for success in the same terms they would expect success as buyers/miners.


It took a lot of work to know what to change, and to understand GRIN codebase and then the generatioin of the genesis block wasnt documented
or it was, but it was incorrect.
Getting seed nodes up and running, making the miners work thousands of little details
BitGrin in particular also has rollback protection
Uses block hash checks to make sure the chain stays stable
BitGrin in particular also has rollback protection
Uses block hash checks to make sure the chain stays stable
Also worth noting this is something added by us. Grin doesn’t support block hash checking
It’s not possible to rewrite any meaningful amount of the chain through a 51% attack. Those attacks are quite limited in exclusively abusing double spend
The team is currently working on porting the entire codebase to be web friendly for web wallets, and offline/non-interactive transactions using BitGrin addresses
basically we want to include a tx pool so users dont need to share ips/files, and can simply use disposable "addresses".
A major improvement with we call XBGJS. This will include tools for other devs to make working with BitGrin easier
Adding non-interactive transactions will be a major improvement

It's compatible with all grin miners
so any grin miner that works with Grin will also work with BitGrin

Community will make those decisions when it comes to it, there is time till end of 2019.
We can fork in to a different PoW, as needed.

There are ongoing discussion about it on discord

We dont need a central authority declaring stuff official, we need grass-roots support

Emission Schedule:
Latest Kingfish releases :
Explore :

Discord :
Twitter :
Reddit :


There is no coin other than bitgrin that has true privacy, scalability, and limited supply it doesn't exist.

I say the more the merrier, this is about growing MW and it’s ecosystem, not about one coin “beating” the other.

But either way competition is healthy, let’s see where this road leads.

Competition is needed for innovation to keep up at a high pace.

Aren't you as excited about that as we are? Join us. Let's change the world !
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Verge being added as a payment option to Attitude Seedbank

So I just posted a comment to Attitude Seedbank earlier ( suggesting they accept Verge as payment since they already accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and BCash. Turns out they already are and the feature is going live some time today :) I'm sure most of you already know, but I hadn't heard about it so thought I would share here in case anyone else missed it!
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Ark Tribe & Kingdom of Fujiwe projects


Kingdom of Fujiwe and Ark Tribe, two closely related projects, will use the technology behind the Ark Blockchain and its native token, Ark. The foundation laid out in this project will be scalable to most other video game or office software projects.


Kingdom of Fujiwe (Video Game - Visual Novel)

The story of Kingdom of Fujiwe (KOF) will be told as a visual novel, a story told with art and dialogue containing reward screens that give the player in-game backgrounds who are more detailed and show the characters at their new stage of relationship. KOF will follow the exploits of Sirielle Airi, a legal hacker in the service of the Kingdom of Fujiwe.
Visual novels generally employ mini-games. With KOF, mini-games involve managing Sirielle’s missions.
Like most visual novels, KOF will have multiple endings depending on the relationships that Sirielle develops during the game.
Different endings can be achieved through dialog between Sirielle and various mercenaries from the Draticornix, an elite division of the Sanctuary guild.
The role of the Ark blockchain regarding KOF will be twofold:
The application of these two technologies can easily be reused by other online merchants, as well as by software sales firms, and of course, for the gaming industry.
Challenges facing the adoption of such a system include the antagonistic relationship of gamers towards proof-of-work (POW) currencies (more particularly the miners behind them), and the number of transactions that the Ark network (or a sidechain) can bear.
The first obstacle regarding the attitude of gamers against cryptocurrencies is easy to overcome, because Ark’s blockchain is not a POW, but rather delegated proof of stake (DPOS). POW currencies, like Bitcoin, have been increasing the cost of graphics cards, which is one of the main causes for hatred among gamers.
The second is trickier due to the number of potential transactions needed to scale this system. At its peak, the service may incur thousands or millions of transactions over the course of a few hours with the release of video games on the most popular platforms.
A solution to this problem can only be found with the support, expertise, and consultation of the Ark team and members of the community. For KOF, the question does not arise. It is more likely that only one or two thousand users, distributed on the globe, will buy it.
KOF will act as a demonstration for the potential of building such a service.

Ark Tribe (crowdfunding)

The Ark Tribe Project will provide another real-world application of the Ark blockchain.


An alternative to bank loans, crowdfunding gives project owners the ability to raise the capital needed to seed their projects without the restrictions associated with traditional venture capital. Ark Tribe’s goal is to bring people together and foster new, exciting ideas that might otherwise not had the same exposure as they would in other, traditional settings.

Equitable Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding often entices donations from the community by offering other products associated with the main project. For instance, a mug with the design by the project’s artist, or a free artbook in a downloadable ebook format. This is in opposition to most traditional venture capitalists who are primarily concerned with receiving a return on their investment and profits.
Ark Tribe bridges that gap by encouraging the community to donate and contribute, but the goal of each project funded by the Ark Tribe should be to provide a return on the investments made in the crowdfunding projects.
This return would come from a fund specially created for Ark Tribe. Investors would thus be more inclined to help project leaders as their funds would be added to those individuals, enabling more projects to emerge.

Social Crowdfunding

Beyond the crowdfunding of projects, there is also social crowdfunding. In a world where health problems can ruin entire families, where poverty is not just a problem in the poorest countries, and the daily lives of families that have nothing, social crowdfunding holds out a generous hand to people who are in the deepest need.
This is a humanism that must be encouraged.
Ark’s delegation system offers a solution to those who have no family to turn to for help, or no friends because poverty often drives to isolation. This also goes for the dignity of people who have a need of social crowdfunding, but the conditions that have led them to be so in need should not be a public exhibition to relatives and neighbors.
To prevent social crowdfunding to be abused, and to respond to an emergency, a "tasks market" should be established within Ark Tribe. The tasks come from project holders.
Indeed, in the background application, they can add applications tasks, giving both the opportunity to work with people whose financial needs are immediate; and enable projects to move forward even during the crowdfunding campaign.
These tasks may be financed by the project leaders and by those funding the projects. They should allow people in need quick funds to get out of difficult solutions to find a solution to their problems.


Ensuring investors will receive a return on investment can be approached in two ways. The first is the formation of a wallet voting for a delegate whose interest will serve to compensate investors helping up projects above a certain amount. The second is to create a delegate node that would serve to ensure the return on investment of investor, again, a ceiling should be selected for deciding who is a “pro” investor.




Kingdom of Fujiwe - book

The book of the history of the Kingdom of Fujiwe serves three essential purposes. The first is to draw attention to Ark and Ark Tribe. Distributed free of charge and offered on Steam for free, the eBook will help stir up public curiosity. It also used to structure the history of the Kingdom of Fujiwe (game) because the visual novels need a solid story. The third goal is to find potential partners for the game and start building a team of artists and writers.

Ark Tribe

Ark Tribe must be created and released after the book’s launch. Part will be the web platform, where projects come to life, the other will allow a project manager access to manage projects and coordinate teams. It is important to note that an English version of this project will be the priority, as the French market will be harder to find video game studios and artists. Although the platform will not be limited to these, they will be a primary source of projects and tasks.

Kingdom of Fujiwe - Game

Kingdom of Fujiwe will release completely translated into English because French niche is relatively undeveloped. It is vital to present the game both in English and French, so as to make the demonstrations in these two languages and reach as wide an audience as possible.


Kingdom of Fujiwe - Book

For the book, a crowdfunding campaign is held here:
We have a co-writer (in English, no need in French) an editor (the person in charge to correct the text and manage inconsistencies) and 5 beta readers in each language. Translation English => French is also already covered, however, the need for a second professional to double-check is requested.

Ark Tribe & Kingdom of Fujiwe



Kingdom of Fujiwe - Book

Beside the co-author and committed professionals who will get paid, there will be no direct gains from this project. A Patreon will be set up, which will include both the game and the book, people who have participated (author, programmers, etc.) will share the revenue made by the Patreon’s after expenses are taken out.

Ark Tribe & Kingdom of Fujiwe - Game

Project promoters should pay their expenses in fiat currency, in fact, while users work in Ark project bearers will get their donations in Tether to avoid the fluctuation of Ark price to put the projects bearers in trouble. We will need to create a bridge between Ark and Tether for that matter.
To support the team and projects, an Ark delegate will be created, which will fund the maintenance needs of these two projects. Sales of the Kingdom of Fujiwe will be added to the income. Kingdom of Fujiwe players will be invited to vote for the delegate.
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Walk an idiot through buying seeds with Bitcoin, please.

I have never used bitcoin and dont know anything about it. I only want to use it for freebies. I need advice on how to use it for attitude seed bank specifically. Thanks for any help.
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Trading Cryptocurrency Markets

Hello! My name is Slava Mikhalkin, I am a Project Owner of Crowdsale platform at Platinum, the company that knows how to start any ICO or STO in 2019.
If you want to avoid headaches with launching process, we can help you with ICO and STO advertising and promotion. See the full list of our services:
I am also happy to be a part of the UBAI, the first educational institution providing the most effective online education on blockchain! We can teach you how to do ICO/STO in 2019. Today I want to tell you how to sell and transfer cryptocurrencies.
Major Exchanges
In finance, an exchange is a forum or platform for trading commodities, derivatives, securities or other financial instruments. The principle concern of an exchange is to allow trading between parties to take place in a fair and legally compliant manner, as well as to ensure that pricing information for any instrument traded on the exchange is reliable and coherently delivered to exchange participants. In the cryptocurrency space exchanges are online platforms that allow users to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. They can be centralized exchanges such a Binance, or decentralized exchanges such as IDEX. Most cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to trade different crypto assets with BTC or ETH after having already exchanged fiat currency for one of those cryptocurrencies. Coinbase and Kraken are the main avenue for fiat money to enter into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Function and History
Crypto exchanges can be market-makers that take bid/ask spreads as a commission on the transaction for facilitating the trade, or more often charge a small percentage fee for operating the forum in which the trade was made. Most crypto exchanges operate outside of Western countries, enabling them to avoid stringent financial regulations and the potential for costly and lengthy legal proceedings. These entities will often maintain bank accounts in multiple jurisdictions, allowing the exchange to accept fiat currency and process transactions from customers all over the globe.
The concept of a digital asset exchange has been around since the late 2000s and the following initial attempts at running digital asset exchanges foreshadows the trouble involved in attempting to disrupt the operation of the fiat currency baking system. The trading of digital or electronic assets predate Bitcoin’s creation by several years, with the first electronic trading entities running afoul of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in late 2004. Companies such as Goldex, SydneyGoldSales, and Ozzigold, shut down voluntarily after ASIC found that they were operating without an Australian Financial Services License. E-Gold, which exchanged fiat USD for grams of precious metals in digital form, was possibly the first digital currency exchange as we know it, allowing users to make instant transfers to the accounts of other E-Gold members. At its peak in 2006 E-Gold processed $2 billion worth of transactions and boasted a user base of over 5 million people.
Popular Exchanges
Here we will give a brief overview of the features and operational history of the more popular and higher volume exchanges because these are the platforms to which newer traders will be exposed. These exchanges are recommended to use because they are the industry standard and they inspire the most confidence.
Owned and operated by iFinex Inc, the cryptocurrency trading platform Bitfinex was the largest Bitcoin exchange on the planet until late 2017. Headquartered in Hong Kong and based in the US Virgin Island, Bitfinex was one of the first exchanges to offer leveraged trading (“Margin trading allows a trader to open a position with leverage. For example — we opened a margin position with 2X leverage. Our base assets had increased by 10%. Our position yielded 20% because of the 2X leverage. Standard trades are traded with leverage of 1:1”) and also pioneered the use of the somewhat controversial, so-called “stable coin” Tether (USDT).
Binance is an international multi-language cryptocurrency exchange that rose from the mid-rank of cryptocurrency exchanges to become the market dominating behemoth we see today. At the height of the late 2017/early 2018 bull run, Binance was adding around 2 million new users per week! The exchange had to temporarily disallow new registrations because its servers simply could not keep up with that volume of business. After the temporary ban on new users was lifted the exchange added 240,000 new accounts within two hours.
Have you ever thought whats the role of the cypto exchanges? The answer is simple! There are several different types of exchanges that cater to different needs within the ecosystem, but their functions can be described by one or more of the following: To allow users to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency. To trade BTC or ETH for alt coins. To facilitate the setting of prices for all crypto assets through an auction market mechanism. Simply put, you can either mine cryptocurrencies or purchase them, and seeing as the mining process requires the purchase of expensive mining equipment, Cryptocurrency exchanges can be loosely grouped into one of the 3 following exchange types, each with a slightly different role or combination of roles.
Have you ever thought about what are the types of Crypto exchanges?
  1. Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchange: These are the type that most closely mimic traditional stock exchanges where buyers and sellers trade at the current market price of whichever asset they want, with the exchange acting as the intermediary and charging a small fee for facilitating the trade. Kraken and GDAX are examples of this kind of cryptocurrency exchange. Fully peer-to-peer exchanges that operate without a middleman include EtherDelta, and IDEX, which are also examples of decentralized exchanges.
  2. Cryptocurrency Brokers: These are website or app based exchanges that act like a Travelex or other bureau-de-change. They allow customers to buy or sell crypto assets at a price set by the broker (usually market price plus a small premium). Coinbase is an example of this kind of exchange.
  3. Direct Trading Platform: These platforms offer direct peer-to-peer trading between buyers and sellers, but don’t use an exchange platform in doing so. These types of exchanges do not use a set market rate; rather, sellers set their own rates. This is a highly risky form of trading, from which new users should shy away.
To understand how an exchange functions we need only look as far as a traditional stock exchange. Most all the features of a cryptocurrency exchange are analogous to features of trading on a traditional stock exchange. In the simplest terms, the exchanges fulfil their role as the main marketplace for crypto assets of all kinds by catering to buyers or sellers. These are some definitions for the basic functions and features to know: Market Orders: Orders that are executed instantly at the current market price. Limit Order: This is an order that will only be executed if and when the price has risen to or dropped to that price specified by the trader and is also within the specified period of time. Transaction fees: Exchanges will charge transactions fees, usually levied on both the buyer and the seller, but sometimes only the seller is charged a fee. Fees vary on different exchanges though the norm is usually below 0.75%. Transfer charges: The exchange is in effect acting as a sort of escrow agent, to ensure there is no foul play, so it might also charge a small fee when you want to withdraw cryptocurrency to your own wallet.
Regulatory Environment and Evolution
Cryptocurrency has come a long way since the closing down of the Silk Road darknet market. The idea of crypto currency being primarily for criminals, has largely been seen as totally inaccurate and outdated. In this section we focus on the developing regulations surrounding the cryptocurrency asset class by region, and we also look at what the future may hold.
The United States of America
A coherent uniform approach at Federal or State level has yet to be implemented in the United States. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network published guidelines as early as 2013 suggesting that BTC and other cryptos may fall under the label of “money transmitters” and thus would be required to take part in the same Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Know your Client (KYC) procedures as other money service businesses. At the state level, Texas applies its existing finance laws. And New York has instituted an entirely new licensing system.
The European Union
The EU’s approach to cryptocurrency has generally been far more accommodating overall than the United States, partly due to the adaptable nature of pre-existing laws governing electronic money that predated the creation of Bitcoin. As with the USA, the EU’s main fear is money laundering and criminality. The European Central Bank (ECB) categorized BTC as a “convertible decentralized currency” and advised all central banks in the EU to refrain from trading any cryptocurrencies until the proper regulatory framework was put in place. A task force was then set up by the European Parliament in order to prevent and investigate any potential money laundering that was making use of the new technology.
Likely future regulations for cryptocurrency traders within the European Union and North America will probably consist of the following proposals: The initiation of full KYC procedures so that users cannot remain fully anonymous, in order to prevent tax evasion and curtail money laundering. Caps on payments that can be made in cryptocurrency, similar to caps on traditional cash transactions. A set of rules governing tax obligations regarding cryptocurrencies Regulation by the ECB of any companies that offer exchanges between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies It is less likely for other countries to follow the Chinese approach and completely ban certain aspects of cryptocurrency trading. It is widely considered more progressive and wiser to allow the technology to grow within a balanced accommodative regulatory framework that takes all interests and factors into consideration. It is probable that the most severe form of regulation will be the formation of new governmental bodies specifically to form laws and exercise regulatory control over the cryptocurrency space. But perhaps that is easier said than done. It may, in certain cases, be incredibly difficult to implement particular regulations due to the anonymous and decentralized nature of crypto.
Behavior of Cryptocurrency Investors by Demographic
Due to the fact that cryptocurrency has its roots firmly planted in the cryptography community, the vast majority of early adopters are representative of that group. In this section we cover the basic structure of the cryptocurrency market cycle and the makeup of the community at large, as well as the reasons behind different trading decisions.
The Cryptocurrency Market Cycle
Bitcoin leads the bull rally. FOMO (Fear of missing out) occurs, the price surge is a constant topic of mainstream news, business programs cover the story, and social media is abuzz with cryptocurrency chatter. Bitcoin reaches new All Timehigh (ATH) Market euphoria is fueled with even more hype and the cycle is in full force. There is a constant stream of news articles and commentary on the meteoric, seemingly unstoppable rise of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s price “stabilizes”, In the 2017 bull run this was at or around $14,000. A number of solid, large market cap altcoins rise along with Bitcoin; ETH & LTC leading the altcoins at this time. FOMO comes into play, as the new ATH in market cap is reached by pumping of a huge number of alt coins.
Top altcoins “somewhat” stabilize, after reaching new all-time highs. The frenzy continues with crypto success stories, notable figures and famous people in the news. A majority of lesser known cryptocurrencies follow along on the upward momentum. Newcomers are drawn deeper into crypto and sign up for exchanges other than the main entry points like Coinbase and Kraken. In 2017 this saw Binance inundated with new registrations. Some of the cheapest coins are subject to massive pumping, such as Tron TRX which saw a rise in market cap from $150 million at the start of December 2017 to a peak of $16 billion! At this stage, even dead coins or known scams will get pumped. The price of the majority of cryptocurrencies stabilize, and some begin to retract. When the hype is subsiding after a huge crypto bull run, it is a massive sell signal. Traditional investors will begin to give interviews about how people need to be careful putting money into such a highly volatile asset class. Massive violent correction begins and the market starts to collapse. BTC begins to fall consistently on a daily basis, wiping out the insane gains of many medium to small cap cryptos with it. Panic selling sweeps through the market. Depression sets in, both in the markets, and in the minds of individual investors who failed to take profits, or heed the signs of imminent collapse. The price stagnation can last for months, or even years.
The Influence of Age upon Trading
Did you know? Cryptocurrencies have been called “stocks for millennials” According to a survey conducted by the Global Blockchain Business Council, only 5% of the American public own any bitcoin, but of those that do, an overwhelming majority of 71% are men, 58% of them are between the ages of 18 and 35, and over half of them are minorities. The same survey gauged public attitude toward the high risk/high return nature of cryptocurrency, in comparison to more secure guaranteed small percentage gains offered by government bonds or stocks, and found that 30% would rather invest $1,000 in crypto. Over 42% of millennials were aware of cryptocurrencies as opposed to only 15% of those ages 65 and over. In George M. Korniotis and Alok Kumar’s study into the effects of aging on portfolio management and the quality of decisions made by older investors, they found “that older and experienced investors are more likely to follow “rules of thumb” that reflect greater investment knowledge. However, older investors are less effective in applying their investment knowledge and exhibit worse investment skill, especially if they are less educated and earn lower income.”
Geographic Influence upon Trading
One of the main drivers of the apparent seasonal ebb and flow of cryptocurrency prices is the tax situation in the various territories that have the highest concentrations of cryptocurrency holders. Every year we see an overall market pull back beginning in mid to late January, with a recovery beginning usually after April. This is because “Tax Season” is roughly the same across Europe and the United States, with the deadline for Income tax returns being April 15th in the United States, and the tax year officially ending the UK on the 6th of April. All capital gains must be declared before the window closes or an American trader will face the powerful and long arm of the IRS with the consequent legal proceedings and possible jail time. Capital gains taxes around the world vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but there are often incentives for cryptocurrency holders to refrain from trading for over a year to qualify their profits as long term gain when they finally sell. In the US and Australia, for example, capital gains are reduced if you bought cryptocurrency for investment purposes and held it for over a year. In Germany if crypto assets are held for over a year then the gains derived from their sale are not taxed. Advantages like this apply to individual tax returns, on a case by case basis, and it is up to the investor to keep up to date with the tax codes of the territory in which they reside.
2013 Bull run vs 2017 Bull run price Analysis
In late 2016 cryptocurrency traders were faced with the task of distinguishing between the beginnings of a genuine bull run and what might colorfully be called a “dead cat bounce” (in traditional market terminology). Stagnation had gripped the market since the pull-back of early 2014. The meteoric rise of Bitcoin’s price in 2013 peaked with a price of $1,100 in November 2013, after a year of fantastic news on the adoption front with both Microsoft and PayPal offering BTC payment options. It is easy to look at a line going up on a chart and speak after the fact, but at the time, it is exceeding difficult to say whether the cat is actually climbing up the wall, or just bouncing off the ground. Here, we will discuss the factors that gave savvy investors clues as to why the 2017 bull run was going to outstrip the 2013 rally. Hopefully this will help give insight into how to differentiate between the signs of a small price increase and the start of a full scale bull run. Most importantly, Volume was far higher in 2017. As we can see in the graphic below, the 2017 volume far exceeds the volume of BTC trading during the 2013 price increase. The stranglehold MtGox held on trading made a huge bull run very difficult and unlikely.
Fraud & Immoral Activity in the Private Market
Ponzi Schemes Cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes will be covered in greater detail in Lesson 7, but we need to get a quick overview of the main features of Ponzi schemes and how to spot them at this point in our discussion. Here are some key indicators of a Ponzi scheme, both in cryptocurrencies and traditional investments: A guaranteed promise of high returns with little risk. Consistentflow of returns regardless of market conditions. Investments that have not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Investment strategies that are a secret, or described as too complex. Clients not allowed to view official paperwork for their investment. Clients have difficulties trying to get their money back. The initial members of the scheme, most likely unbeknownst to the later investors, are paid their “dividends” or “profits” with new investor cash. The most famous modern-day example of a Ponzi scheme in the traditional world, is Bernie Madoff’s $100 billion fraudulent enterprise, officially titled Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. And in the crypto world, BitConnect is the most infamous case of an entirely fraudulent project which boasted a market cap of $2 billion at its peak.
What are the Exchange Hacks?
The history of cryptocurrency is littered with examples of hacked exchanges, some of them so severe that the operation had to be wound up forever. As we have already discussed, incredibly tech savvy and intelligent computer hackers led by Alexander Vinnik stole 850000 BTC from the MtGox exchange over a period from 2012–2014 resulting in the collapse of the exchange and a near-crippling hammer blow to the emerging asset class that is still being felt to this day. The BitGrail exchange suffered a similar style of attack in late 2017 and early 2018, in which Nano (XRB) was stolen that was at one point was worth almost $195 million. Even Bitfinex, one of the most famous and prestigious exchanges, has suffered a hack in 2016 where $72 million worth of BTC was stolen directly from customer accounts.
Hardware Wallet Scam Case Study
In late 2017, an unfortunate character on Reddit, going by the name of “moody rocket” relayed his story of an intricate scam in which his newly acquired hardware wallet was compromised, and his $34,000 life savings were stolen. He bought a second hand Nano ledger into which the scammers own recover seed had already been inserted. He began using the ledger without knowing that the default seed being used was not a randomly assigned seed. After a few weeks the scammer struck, and withdrew all the poor HODLer’s XRP, Dash and Litecoin into their own wallet (likely through a few intermediary wallets to lessen the very slim chances of being identified).
Hardware Wallet Scam Case Study Social Media Fraud
Many gullible and hapless twitter users have fallen victim to the recent phenomenon of scammers using a combination of convincing fake celebrity twitter profiles and numerous amounts of bots to swindle them of ETH or BTC. The scammers would set up a profile with a near identical handle to a famous figure in the tech sphere, such as Vitalik Buterin or Elon Musk. And then in the tweet, immediately following a genuine message, follow up with a variation of “Bonus give away for the next 100 lucky people, send me 0.1 ETH and I will send you 1 ETH back”, followed by the scammers ether wallet address. The next 20 or so responses will be so-called sockpuppet bots, thanking the fake account for their generosity. Thus, the pot is baited and the scammers can expect to receive potentially hundreds of donations of 0.1 Ether into their wallet. Many twitter users with a large follower base such as Vitalik Buterin have taken to adding “Not giving away ETH” to their username to save careless users from being scammed.
Market Manipulation
It also must be recognized that market manipulation is taking place in cryptocurrency. For those with the financial means i.e. whales, there are many ways in which to control the market in a totally immoral and underhanded way for your own profit. It is especially easy to manipulate cryptos that have a very low trading volume. The manipulator places large buy orders or sell walls to discourage price action in one way or the other. Insider trading is also a significant problem in cryptocurrency, as we saw with the example of blatant insider trading when Bitcoin Cash was listed on Coinbase.
Examples of ICO Fraudulent Company Behavior
In the past 2 years an astronomical amount of money has been lost in fraudulent Initial Coin Offerings. The utmost care and attention must be employed before you invest. We will cover this area in greater detail with a whole lesson devoted to the topic. However, at this point, it is useful to look at the main instances of ICO fraud. Among recent instances of fraudulent ICOs resulting in exit scams, 2 of the most infamous are the Benebit and PlexCoin ICOs which raised $4 million for the former and $15 million for the latter. Perhaps the most brazen and damaging ICO scam of all time was the Vietnamese Pincoin ICO operation, where $660million was raised from 32,000 investors before the scammer disappeared with the funds. In case of smaller ICO “exit scamming” there is usually zero chance of the scammers being found. Investors must just take the hit. We will cover these as well as others in Lesson 7 “Scam Projects”.
Signposts of Fraudulent Actors
The following factors are considered red flags when investigating a certain project or ICO, and all of them should be considered when deciding whether or not you want to invest. Whitepaper is a buzzword Salad: If the whitepaper is nothing more than a collection of buzzwords with little clarity of purpose and not much discussion of the tech involved, it is overwhelmingly likely you are reading a scam whitepaper.
Signposts of Fraudulent Actors §2
No Code Repository: With the vast majority of cryptocurrency projects employing open source code, your due diligence investigation should start at GitHub or Sourceforge. If the project has no entries, or nothing but cloned code, you should avoid it at all costs. Anonymous Team: If the team members are hard to find, or if you see they are exaggerating or lying about their experience, you should steer clear. And do not forget, in addition to taking proper precautions when investing in ICOs, you must always make sure that you are visiting authentic web pages, especially for web wallets. If, for example, you are on a spoof MyEtherWallet web page you could divulge your private key without realizing it and have your entire portfolio of Ether and ERC-20 tokens cleaned out.
Methods to Avoid falling Victim
Avoiding scammers and the traps they set for you is all about asking yourself the right questions, starting with: Is there a need for a Blockchain solution for the particular problem that a particular ICO is attempting to solve? The existing solution may be less costly, less time consuming, and more effective than the proposals of a team attempting to fill up their soft cap in an ICO. The following quote from Mihai Ivascu, the CEO of Modex, should be kept in mind every time you are grading an ICO’s chances of success: “I’m pretty sure that 95% of ICOswill not last, and many will go bankrupt. ….. not everything needs to be decentralized and put on an open source ledger.”
Methods to Avoid falling Victim §2 Do I Trust These People with My Money, or Not?
If you continue to feel uneasy about investing in the project, more due diligence is needed. The developers must be qualified and competent enough to complete the objectives that they have set out in the whitepaper.
Is this too good to be true?
All victims of the well-known social media scams using fake profiles of Vitalik Buterin, or Bitconnect investors for that matter, should have asked themselves this simple question, and their investment would have been saved. In the case of Bitconnect, huge guaranteed gains proportional to the amount of people you can get to sign up was a blatant pyramid scheme, obviously too good to be true. The same goes for Fake Vitalik’s offer of 1 ether in exchange for 0.1 ETH.
Selling Cryptocurrencies, Several reasons for selling with the appropriate actions to take:
If you are selling to buy into an ICO, or maybe believe Ether is a safer currency to hold for a certain period of time, it is likely you will want to make use of the Ether pair and receive Ether in return. Obviously if the ICO is on the NEO or WANchain blockchain for example, you will use the appropriate pair. -Trading to buy into another promising project that is listing on the exchange on which you are selling (or you think the exchange will experience a large amount of volume and become a larger exchange), you may want to trade your cryptocurrency for that exchange token. -If you believe that BTC stands a good chance of experiencing a bull run then using the BTC trading pair is the suitable choice. -If you believe that the market is about to experience a correction but you do not want to take your gains out of the market yet, selling for Tether or “tethering up” is the best play. This allows you to keep your locked-in profits on the exchange, unaffected by the price movements in the cryptocurrency markets,so that you can buy back in at the most profitable moment. -If you wish to “cash out” i.e. sell your cryptocurrency for fiat currency and have those funds in your bank account, the best pair to use is ETH or BTC because you will likely have to transfer to an exchange like Kraken or Coinbase to convert them into fiat. If the exchange offers Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash pairs it could be a good idea to use these for their fast transaction time and low fees.
Selling Cryptocurrencies
Knowing when and how to sell, as well as strategies to inflate the value of your trade before sale, are important skills as a trader of any product or financial instrument. If you are satisfied that the sale itself of the particular amount of a token or coin you are trading away is the right one, then you must decide at what price you are going to sell. Exchanges exercise their own discretion as to which trading “pairs” they will offer, but the most common ones are BTC, ETH, BNB for Binance, BIX for Bibox etc., and sometimes Tether (USDT) or NEO. As a trader, you decide which particular cryptocurrency to exchange depending on your reason for making that specific trade at that time.
Methods of Sale
Market sell/Limit sell on exchange: A limit sell is an order placed on an exchange to sell as soon as (also specifically only if and when) the price you specified has been hit within the time limit you select. A market order executes the sale immediately at the best possible price offered by the market at that exact time. OTC (or Over the Counter) selling refers to sale of securities or cryptocurrencies in any method without using an exchange to intermediate the trade and set the price. The most common way of conducting sales in this manner is through This method of cryptocurrency selling is far riskier than using an exchange, for obvious reasons.
The influence and value of your Trade
There are a number of strategies you can use to appreciate the value of your trade and thus increase the Bitcoin or Ether value of your portfolio. It is important to disassociate yourself from the dollar value of your portfolio early on in your cryptocurrency trading career simply because the crypto market is so volatile you will end up pulling your hair out in frustration following the real dollar money value of your holdings. Once your funds have been converted into BTC and ETH they are completely in the crypto sphere. (Some crypto investors find it more appropriate to monitor the value of their portfolio in satoshi or gwei.) Certainly not limited to, but especially good for beginners, the most reliable way to increase your trading profits, and thus the overall value and health of your portfolio, is to buy into promising projects, hold them for 6 months to a year, and then reevaluate. This is called Long term holding and is the tactic that served Bitcoin HODLers quite well, from 2013 to the present day. Obviously, if something comes to light about the project that indicates a lengthy set back is likely, it is often better to cut your losses and sell. You are better off starting over and researching other projects. Also, you should set initial Price Points at which you first take out your original investment, and then later, at which you take out all your profits and exit the project. That should be after you believe the potential for growth has been exhausted for that particular project.
Another method of increasing the value of your trades is ICO flipping. This is the exact opposite of long term holding. This is a technique in which you aim for fast profits taking advantage of initial enthusiasm in the market that may double or triple the value of ICO projects when they first come to market. This method requires some experience using smaller exchanges like IDEX, on which project tokens can be bought and sold before listing on mainstream exchanges. “Tethering up” means to exchange tokens or coins for the USDT stable coin, the value of which is tethered to the US Dollar. If you learn, or know how to use, technical analysis, it is possible to predict when a market retreatment is likely by looking at the price movements of BTC. If you decide a market pull back is likely, you can tether up and maintain the dollar value of your portfolio in tether while other tokens and coins decrease in value. The you wait for an opportune moment to reenter the market.
Market Behavior in Different Time Periods
The main descriptors used for overall market sentiment are “Bull Market” and “Bear Market”. The former describes a market where people are buying on optimism. The latter describes a market where people are selling on pessimism. Fun (or maybe not) fact: The California grizzly bear was brought to extinction by the love of bear baiting as a sport in the mid 1800s. Bears were highly sought after for their intrinsic fighting qualities, and were forced into fighting bulls as Sunday morning entertainment for Californians. What has this got to do with trading and financial markets? The downward swipe of the bear’s paws gives a “Bear market” its name and the upward thrust of a Bull’s horns give the “Bull Market” its name. Most unfortunately for traders, the bear won over 80% of the bouts. During a Bull market, optimism can sometimes grow to be seemingly boundless, volume is rising, and prices are ascending. It can be a good idea to sell or rebalance your portfolio at such a time, especially if you have a particularly large position in one holding or another. This is especially applicable if you need to sell a large amount of a relatively low-volume holding, because you can then do so without dragging the price down by the large size of your own sell order.
Learn more on common behavioral patterns observed so far in the cryptocurrency space for different coins and ICO tokens.
Follow the link:
If you want to know how do security tokens work, and become a professional in crypto world contact me via Facebook to get all the details:
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Seed Bank That Accepts Mastercard?

I really want to buy from attitude, but they dont accept it. I dont want to do bitcoin. There is a seed bank near me, but they only sell 10 packs of expensive strains. Appreciate any suggestions.
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Active August List: THSeeds strains and contact.

We refuse to spam our home, Reddit. Thus why we give this once a month active list.
If you found via Google while looking for where to buy marijuana seeds or buy weed seeds or even if you're finally ready to grow your first medical crop. If you're new to this sub Reddit, click subscribe and follow along with many other new growers!
The Canna God's smile on new growers and organic growers :)
Let's get down to brass:
$20 minimum. $30 guarantees stealth shipping and dozen seeds. Remember, you're helping a family whom is helping other families. Once a month lists updates and free pack give aways. Jack will no longer mention THSeeds in a promotional manner, everything handled here. That includes the free karma packs.
Oaxaca Heirloom Sativa: Bright lime green. Very loud smell. Great plant that is hard to kill. Fast grower. "Working man's high" get creative, start a business, bust out your art kit. Hunger comes when fading.
Strain M39 "BC BUD:" Indica dominate known for growing wild up north. Known for its "Netflix and Chill" lethargic attitude. Yield is slightly higher than other Indicas due to generations of selective breeding. Can cause plant to bend or fall. Be mindful of weight.
Dixie Kush: Indica plant dark green in color, "short and stubby" and beautiful in her colors. Dixie Kush is an original from Southern United States due to slow progression of medical laws; lineage favors hot and humid. The beauty is in the simplicity: Powerful analgesic properties, intense hunger, easy sleep.
Bitcoin now accepted! For everyone's safety and protection the best program for money transfers: Cash App. Pay with any debit card, credit card, or Cryptocurrency on CashApp. Not only does the first time users get $5 - your friendly referral buddy here gets $5 also. Knock that price 30% down!$THSeeds
Yet, if you can not, will not eat green eggs and Cash App: I am @THSeeds on Venmo.
(THSeeds all around, lucky in same spelling all around)
Will automatically let you pay and convert with bitcoins or other currencies. There is no fee. THSeeds, the company, eats the fees. Also, being smarter: New Users get $5 free. Apply that!
About 9 packs landing today or Monday in customer's mailboxes. After placing order, I will respond back either on Cash Me or Reddit with your tracking number. Over six months now and not a single complaint!
We deliver fast, with our reputation on the line, keeping it affordable and helping new growers get the help and medicine they need!
Any questions or offers feel free to contact: [email protected]
leave shipping info in memo box for quickest delivery
Namaste! And may your crops flourish!
BTC is fine... Yet it's easiest in the actual app, not html gui. It's called "Cash App" and is third most popular money exchange program. The black Visa they offer you makes perfect for online banking. However, if the website is no go, download the very easy and smooth 4.7 stars "Cash App" from Play Store or similar and try again.
So, out of those: Venmo, Western Union, a Wal-Mart gift card (Yes, Wal-Mart gift cards work fine as cash.) Many e gift cards I'll accept. So I give you many options!
Hope this helps. Just need to show the wife something :)
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4/20 Sales Thread

I thought it would be a good idea to have one thread about all the sales during the 4/20 sales.
We still have 5 days so I thought I'd post now and see how does everyone think this should be handled.
I propose we can keep this top post for a general list of websites which are doing 4/20 growing sales, and divide them according their delivery restrictions.
And comments section, people could post specific items if they think it is worthy of it's own spotlight.
Formatting and such will be done later.

Herbies - only during April 20th, 15% off
Attitude Seedbank - runs until April 20th 4PM (UK time)
BitcoinSeedStore - only during April 20th, 20% off
Nature's Green Remedies - only during April 20th, 20% off
THCBay - all of April
Smoking Paraphernalia - April 8-29, 30% off
Alibongo - only during April 20th, free delivery
Growing Equipment
MarsHydro - tent+LED light combo
ViperLED - 10% off, wait for the pop up
AdvancedLEDLights - 5% off - a bunch of discounts and free deliveries

HerbGrow's thread
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7-Habits of Highly Effective People

I have re-read this work 22 times and raised my children on the principles within. Here are my notes that have been meticulously looked over for your convenience. Thank me later. Sincerely, Bitcoin Justin
7-Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey
Private Victory: CD1: Principles are natural law that governs us, values are personal and subjective. Values govern people’s behavior; principles govern the consequences of people’s behavior. Principles are independent of us and they operate regardless of us. Every culture practices universal principles in unique ways. Any airplane is off the track much of the time but it just keeps coming back to the flight plan eventually it arriving at it’s destination. This is true with all of us as individuals, families and organizations. The key is to have an end in mind and a shared commitment to constant feedback and constant course correctness. Humility is the mother of all virtues and courage is the father. We must look through the lens as we see the world as well as how the world is. Much of our perception is a product of our own motivation of how people will see us. Examine your own motivations against your highest values because they impact perception which then impacts the behavior that follows. If you want to achieve your highest aspirations and overcome your greatest challenges, identify the principle of natural law that governs the results you seek. Success in any endeavor is derived by ultimately acting in harmony with the principles in which the success is tied. Blame and victimism, whenever you find a problem you will usually find a finger pointing of blame. Blaming only provided temporary relief of the problem. Balance and piece of mind follow the person who follows his sense of clear priorities and lives with focus towards them. True greatness is achieved through the abundant mind that works selflessly for the mutual respect and mutual benefit. To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know. The way we see things is often the product of the things we seek or our deeper motivations. The essence to us being objective is to realize that we are subjective. Were we stand has more to do with where we are sitting. The truly subjective person is the one who thinks that he or she is objective. We see the world not as it is but as we area, or as we are conditioned to see it. When we open our mouths to describe what we see, we in effect describe ourselves, our perceptions and our paradigms. The more aware we are of our basic paradigms, maps or assumptions and the extent to which we have been influenced by our experiences the more we can take responsibility for these paradigms, examine them and test them against reality listen to others, be open to their perceptions thereby getting a larger picture and far more objective view. The fastest way to change somebody’s paradign is simply to give them a new role, a new perspective. We can only make quantum improvements in our lives when we quite hacking at the leaves of attitude and behavior and get to the root, the paradign from which our attitudes and behaviors flow.
CD2: The way we see the problem is the problem. The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that we where at when they where created. TS Elliot – “We must not cease from exploration and after all of our exploring is to arrive where we began and see the place for the very first time. Aristotle – “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Our character is a composite of our habits. A habit is the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire. CD3: You cannot persuade another to change. Each of us guards the gate of change only by the inside. You cannot open the gate of another either by argument or emotional appeal. Self Awareness – Enables us to stand apart and examine even the way we see ourselves. Until we understand how we see ourselves we will be unable to understand how others see and feel about themselves and their world. Unaware, we will project our intensions onto their nature and call ourselves objective. Victor Franco had more freedom by having the internal power to exercise his options while his captures had more liberties or the option to choose from within their environment. Between stimulus and response is a space. Within that space lays our freedom to choose. With in those choices lies our growth and happiness. Within the space of choice are the 4 endowments Self Awareness Imagination Conscience (Personal Integrity) Free Will (Our ability to act based on our self awareness)
Habit # 1 – Be Proactive – Means we are responsible for our own lives. I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the awareness that something else is more important. Love is a verb. Love the feeling can be recaptured. Circle of Concern & Circle of Influence – C or Concern – You have no control over. It is ineffective to work on your C or C or the people around you and effective to work on your C of Influence or yourself, your behavior, choices & reactions. By working on your C or I you can have an indirect influence on your C or C. C or C is filled with the Have’s – I would be happy if I just …….. C or I is filled with the Be’s – I can be wiser. I can be more understanding. It is the character focus. Anytime we think that what is out there with others or circumstances is the problem, the very thought is the problem because we empower what’s out there to control us. The change paradign is from the outside-in meaning to change others to correct the problem. The proactive paradign is from the inside-out meaning to change myself to influence what is going on in the outside. I can be different, I can be more proactive. If I have a problem with my marriage, what will I gain by confessing my wife’s sins? I immobilize myself in a negative situation and diminish myself to influence her by nagging. My criticism is worst than the conduct I want to correct, my ability to correct the situation withers and dies. If I really want to improve the situation, I can work on the one thing I have control of. That is myself. I can stop trying to shape up my wife and work on my own weaknesses. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is just smile and be happy. We are free to choose our actions. We are not free to choose our consequences. Consequences are governed by natural law. Our behavior is fundamentally governed by principles. Living in harmony with them produces positive consequences. Violating them produces negative consequences. We are free to choose the response in any situation. In choosing them we also choose the consequences. When you pick up one end of the stick, you pick up the other. The proactive approach to any mistake is to Acknowledge it instantly Correct it and Learn from it Our response to any mistake reflects the quality of the next moment. At the very heart of our C or I is our ability to make and keep commitments. Being proactive means to be a model, not a critic. Look at the weakness of others with compassion, not accusation. It’s not what they are doing or not doing that is the issue, the issue is your chosen response. Samuel Johnson – “The fountain of contempt must spring up in the mind and he who has little knowledge of human nature has to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts and will multiply the grief he proposes to remove.
Application # 1: For one full day, listen to yourself and the people around you. How often do you hear reactive phrases like “I can’t” or “If only”. Imagine a situation in the past and how you responded reactively. Replay that situation before you relive it and imagine how you can respond proactively.
Application # 2: Identify a problem in your business or personal life. Identify if it is a direct, indirect or no control problem. Identify the first steps you can take in your C of I and take the steps to solve that problem.
Habit # 2 - Begin With The End In Mind. What lays before us or what lays ahead of use are tiny matters compared to what lays within us. It is possible to be very busy without being very effective. All things are created twice. First is a mental creation, 2nd is a physical creation. Blue prints before the house. Management = Doing things right Leadership = Doing the right things Management is a bottom line thing. “How can I best accomplish.” Leadership is a top line thing “What are the things I want to accomplish.” It’s not about having things, but about having mastery or victory over self. To begin with the end in mind means to re-script myself so that the paradign to witch my attitudes and behaviors flow are in congruent with my deepest values and aligned with the correct principles.
Personal mission statement CD4 Track 11 40 seconds Many so called emotional or mental illnesses are really symptoms or an underlying feeling or meaninglessness or emptiness. A personal mission will give you direction and meaning to all that you do. Whatever is at the center of our life will be our source of guidance, security, wisdom and power. Security represents your sense of worth and identity. Guidance means your source of direction in your life. Wisdom is your perspective on life Power CD5 There is a common thread that is weaved between most spouse-centered relationships. That common thread is emotional dependence. If our sense of emotional worth comes from our marriage, then we become highly dependent on that relationship. We become dependent to the moods, treatment, feelings and behavior of our spouse or any outside influence. When responsibilities increase or stresses occur we tend to revert back to the script we were given when we grew up, but so does our spouse. Those scripts are usually different ways of handling financial, child disciplines or in-law issues that come to the surface. When those deep seeded tendencies combined with the emotional dependency on a marriage the spouse centered relationship reveals all of its vulnerability. When we are dependent on the person from whom we are in conflict both need and conflict are compounded. Love hate over reactions, fight or flight tendencies, withdraw, aggr4esiveness, bitterness, resentment and cold competition are some of the usual results. When these occur we tend to fall even further back on background tendencies and habits in an effort to justify and defend our own behavior and to attack our spouse. Inevitably, anytime we are too vulnerable we feel the need to protect ourselves from further wounds so we resort to sarcasms, cutting humor, cynicism, anything to keep from exposing the tenderness within. Each partner tends to wait on the initiative of the other for love only to be disappointed but also to confirm the rightness of the accusations made. There is only phantom security in such a relationship. When all appears to be going well guidance is based on the emotion of the moment. Wisdom and power are lost on the counter dependent negative interaction. Consider the 4-Life Supporting Factors. Security, Guidance, Wisdom, Power When my sense of personal worth comes from my net worth, I am vulnerable to any factor that affects that worth. If my sense of identity lies in my reputation or the things that I have, my life will be in a constant state of jeopardy. When writing your mission statement concentrate on your Roles & Goals. Break down your roles and think about what you want to accomplish in each area. CD4 Track 1-3 Centers Malcolm Muckerage – “When I look back on my life now a days as I sometimes do what strikes me most foreably about it is what seems at the time most significant and seductive seams now most futile and absorb. For instance, success in all of its various guises being known and being praised in all of its ostensible pleasures like acquiring money or seducing woman or traveling going to or foe in the world and up and down like Satin explaining and experiencing whatever vanity fair has to offer. In retrospect, all of these exercises in self-gratification seam pure fantasy what Pascal called licking the earth. Centers - One of the best ways to identify your center is to look at your own life supporting factors, By centering our lives on the correct principles, universal, timeless and self evident, we create a solid foundation for the 4-Life factors. CD6 Principles are bigger than people or circumstances The more we learn the more clearly we can focus the lens for witch we see the world. Principles don’t change but our understanding of them does. The wisdom that comforts principle centered living comes from the correct maps, the way things are, the way things have been and will be. We are free to choose the actions, but we are not free to choose our consequences. When writing a mission statement the involvement process is as critical as the written material.
Habit # 3 – Put First Things First Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least. The degree in witch we have developed our independent will in everyday lives is measured by personal integrity. Integrity is fundamentally the value we place on ourselves. A successful person has a habit of doing things that failures wouldn’t do. Successful people don’t like doing them either. The best time management – organize and execute around priorities. Time Matrix
You are much more effective to focus on relationships and results then to focus on time and management The only place to get time for quad #2 is to rob from quad #3 & #4. At least from the beginning. The enemy of the best is often the good. You have to know when to say no to worthy projects when the yes inside you is burning hotter for the things you know you need to be doing to stay in quad #2 Quadrant #2 – Organize needs to meet (6) criteria Coherence – There is harmony, unity and integrity between your vision and mission. A personal mission statement should be in your planner to constantly refer to. Roles should be listed to help define short and long term goals. Balance – Your scheduling tool should keep your roles in balance so you don’t ignore important roles such as health, relationships, family, ect. You can’t compensate on one category to make up for what you lack in another. Ex. You can’t be a successful businessman but be in the middle of a divorce. Quad #2 Focus – Deals with prevention and staying out of crises. The best way to do this is by organizing your life on a weekly basis. The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. Plan by the week instead of the day. People Dimension – You need a schedule tool that deals with people and not just schedules. Why you can think in terms of efficiency when dealing with time, a principle centered person thinks in terms of effectiveness when dealing with people. Flexibility – Your planning tool should be your servant, never your master. Your schedule should be tailored towards your desires, needs and particular ways. Portable – Your scheduling tool should be taken with you and used when you need it. CD7 Quadrant #2 Organizing includes (4) key activities. Identify and write down your key roles. You can break key roles by listing specific areas within. Within work or professional, within family ect. Write down the key areas you see yourself spending time in over the next 7-days Goals – List the activities or goals you wish to accomplish in each role over the next 7-days Scheduling – Go through your organizer and schedule the time you are going to work on your goals. Plan 1 or 2 hours on Sunday to plan your week & goals. Daily adapting – Respond to priorities while adapting to unanticipated events such as relationship based or crises type scenarios. Taking a few minutes to review your schedule each morning can put you in touch with the value based decisions that you made at the beginning of the week when you prioritized your schedule. As you review your day you can see how your roles and goals provide a natural prioritization that grows out of your innate sense of balance. It provides both discipline and spontaneity. The more completely weekly goals are tied into the wider framework of correct principles and a personal mission statement, the greater the chance of effectiveness will be. Think effectiveness with people and efficiency with things. The first person you need to consider in terms of effectiveness rather than efficiency is yourself. 4th Generation Scheduling Tool Principle Centered – It allows you to see your time as what is important and effective. Conscience Directed – It gives you the ability to see your life in harmony with your deepest values. It defines your mission in terms of value and long-term goals. This gives direction and purpose to the way you spend each day. It helps balance your life by identifying your roles and goals in each key activity of your life. It gives greater context by weekly organizing. Delegation – We accomplish all that we do through delegation either through time or other people. Delegate to time = Efficiency Delegate to people = Effectiveness Delegating through people is the single most high leverage activity there is. Transferring your responsibilities to others skilled and well-trained individuals allows you to give your time to other high leverage activities. Delegation means growth for both individuals and organizations. JC Penny – “The wisest decision I ever made was to let go.” Producers – Does what is necessary to accomplish desired results. A painter is a producer; an architect that draws up plans is a producer. Manager – A person who works through people and with systems to produce golden eggs. A producer can invest (1) hour of effort to produce (1) hour of results. A manager can invest (1) hour of effort to produce 10,50 100 or more hours of results. The key to effective management is delegation. Go For Delegation = Go for this and go for that. Task directed minute by minute. One on one supervision of methods. How many people can you manage when you need to be involved in every move they make? Stewardship Delegation = Based on results. It gives a choice of methods and manages the results. It involves clear upfront and mutual understanding and commitment in (5) areas. Desired results – Spend time, be patient. Show ten what the desired results are, but not how they are going to do it. Let the person see it, taste it. “Clean and Green” Make a statement of what the desired results are going to look like and work on a commitment of when they are going to be accomplished. Guidelines – Identify the parameters for which the individual is going to operate. They should be as few as possible to avoid method delegation. They should include formable restrictions to help the individual avoid long standing traditions or getting into trouble. If you know the failure paths of the job, identify them and show where the quicksand is. You don’t want the person to reinvent the wheel. You want to tell them what not to do, but you don’t want to tell them what to do. Resources – Identify the available or technical resources the person can use to draw from to accomplish the desired results. Accountability – Set up the specific guidelines will be used to evaluate the desired results and the specific times that evaluations will take place. Consequences – Specify what will happen both good and bad as a result of the evaluation. Complete delegation Disc #7 tracks 6&7
Application # 1: Make a list of activities and the people you can delegate those activities to.
Application # 2: Identify a quadrant #2 activity you know you have been neglecting in your life. One that you know if you have done it well it would make a significant impact on your life either personally or professionally. Write it down and commit to implement it.
Application # 3: Draw a time management matrix. Log your time for 3-days in 15-minute intervals. How accurate is your estimate. Are you satisfied with the way you spend your time? What do you need to change?
Application # 4: Organize your next week. Start by writing down your roles 7 goals for the next week. Transfer the goals to a specific action plan. At the end of the week evaluate how well your plan translated your deep values and purposes into your daily life and what level of integrity you where able to maintain in those deep values and purposes.
Application # 5: Commit yourself to start organizing on a weekly basis and set up a regular time to start doing it.
Application # 6: Convert your current planning tool into a 4th generation tool.
Public Victory There can be no friendship without confidence and there can be no confidence without integrity. Private victory precedes public victory just like 1st grade precedes 2nd grade. You can’t be successful with other people if you have not paid the price of being successful with yourself. You can’t talk yourself out of problems that you behave yourself into. The principle of sequencing. You can’t have the fruits without the roots. If you don’t know yourself, control yourself and have mastery over yourself, it is very difficult to like yourself. Independence is an achievement. Inter-Dependence is a choice only independent people can make. The most important ingredient we can put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but who we are. A double minded person is unstable in all of his ways. The place we start when building any relationship is inside ourselves, inside our circle of influence, inside our character. Emotional bank account – metaphor – It is the amount of trust built up in a relationship. It’s the feeling of safe. You deposit into an emotional account through courteousies, kindnesses, honesty, keeping your commitment. Deposits = Built up of trust with others. Reserves of deposits will compensate for mistakes. Communication does not need to necessarily need to be clear, you will trust anyways. You wouldn’t be an offender because of a choice of particular words. When a trust account is high, communication is easy, instant and effective. If you have a habit of showing discourtesy, disrespect, cutting someone off, over reacting, ignoring, becoming arbitrary, betraying their trust, threatening or playing little tin God in their life, eventually their emotional bank account is overdrawn. The trust level gets very low. What flexibility do I have? I’m walking on mind fields. I have to be very careful of everything that I say. Measure every word, it’s tension city. Memo haven, protecting my backside, politicking. Many organizations and families are filled with it. Instead of rich spontaneous understanding and communication the situation becomes accommodating where two people attempt to live individual lifestyles. The relationship may further deteriorate to one of hostility and defensiveness, the flight or fight response creates verbal battles, slammed doors, refusal to talk, emotional withdraw and self pity. It may end up in a cold war with home life sustained only by children. Sex or social pressure or image protection. The P/PC lighthouse is there. We can either break against it or use it as our guiding light. One of the greatest deposits you can make is just by listening without preaching or suggesting or reading your own autobiography into what they have to say. Listen and let them feel your true and honest concern and acceptance of them. There is no quick fix. As genuine deposits keep coming and coming they increase the balance. Building and repairing relationships takes time. If you become impatient you could very well withdraw all of the deposits you have made and diminish yourself. It takes character to be proactive, to focus on your circle of influence to nurture growing things and not to pull up the flowers to see how the roots are coming. Building and repairing relationships are long-term investments.
CD 8 6-Major deposits that build emotional bank accounts.
Understanding the individual - Really seeking to understand the other person is one of the most important deposits you can make. It’s the key to every other deposit because you simply don’t know what constitutes a deposit to the other person. Until you understand that individual from within that individual’s frame of reference, what may be a deposit for you may not be perceived as a deposit to the other person at all. It may even be perceived as a withdraw because it does not touch the persons deep interest or needs. To make a deposit, what is important to another person needs to be as important to you as the other person is to you. Our tendency is to project out of our own autobiography what the other person wants or needs. We project our intentions on the behavior of others. We interpret what constitutes a deposit on our own needs and desires. Treat all of your children the same by treating them differently.
Attending to the little things – The little kindnesses and courtesies are so important. Small discourtesies and unkindnesses, little forms of disrespect makes huge withdraw. In relationships the little things are the big things.
Keeping Commitments – There is not more of a massive withdraw than to make a commitment to someone and not come thru. Make promises very carefully. Never make a promise you can’t keep. If you cultivate the habit of keeping the promises you make, you build bridges of trust that span the gap between you and your child. If that child has cultivated trust in your acts and your word he will act on your council.
Clarifying expectations – Clear expectations in the area of roles is important. Unclear expectation in the area of goals undermines trust. You will find that the cause of almost all relationship difficulties is rooted in conflicting or ambiguous expectations around roles and goals. Unclear expectations lead to misunderstandings and disappointment and withdraw of trust. When you come into a new situation it is important to get all expectations out on the table when it comes to roles and goals. We create many situations just by assuming that our expectations are self-evident and are clearly understood and shared by other people. The deposit is to make the expectation clear from the beginning.
Showing personal integrity – Personal integrity generates trust and is the basis for many different kinds of deposits. Lack of integrity can undermine almost any effort to generate high trust accounts. Integrity includes but goes far beyond honesty. Honesty = Telling the truth, conforming our words to reality Integrity = Conforming our reality to words. Keeping promises and fulfilling expectations. One of the best ways to manifest integrity is to be loyal to those that are not present. In doing so we build the trust of those that are present. When you defend those that are absent you build the trust of those that are present. You may get a temporary golden egg by putting someone down or sharing privileged information but your strangling the goose, weakening the relationship that supplies enduring pleasure and association. Integrity as an interdependent reality – You treat everyone by the same set of principles. You are integrated around principles. Integrity – Integrated. As you do, people will come to trust you.
Apologize sincerely when you make a withdraw. Great deposits come in sincere words. “I was wrong”. “That gave you no dignity and I’m deeply sorry.” It takes a great deal of character strength to apologize quickly. People with little internal security cannot apologize. It makes them vulnerable or appear soft and weak. They fear that others may take advantage of them. Their security is based upon the opinions of other people and they are worried what others may think. In addition they usually feel justified for what they did. They rationalize their own wrong in the name of the other persons wrong. To be a deposit the apology must be sincere. It is the weak who are cruel; gentleness can only be expected from the strong. Sincere apologies make deposits, repeated apologies are interpreted as insincere and are withdraws. It is one problem to make a mistake and quite another not to admit it. Laws of love and laws of life. When we make deposits of unconditional love, when we live the primary laws of love we encourage others to live the primary laws of life. When we truly love others without conditions and without strings we help them feel secure and safe and validated and affirmed in their essential worth, dignity and integrity. Their natural growth process is encouraged. We make it easy for them to live the laws of life, cooperation, cont5ribution, self-discipline and integrity. When we violate the primary laws of love by attaching strings and conditions we encourage others to violate the primary laws of life. We encourage them to be in a reactive and defensive position. It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual then to labor diligently for the salvation of the masses. You spend countless hours working for what’s out there without having a deep meaningful lasting relationship with the people at home, the people you work with, the people closest to you. Creating the unity necessary to run a business, marriage or a family takes great personal strength. It is at a very essential one on one level that we live the primary laws of love and life. P-Problems are PC Opportunities Every P-Problem is a PC Opportunity. It’s a chance to build the emotional bank account that significantly affects the interdependent relationship. Many interactions change from transactional to transformational. ex.” Help a child or teenager with a problem” Strong bonds of love and trust are created as a child senses the value parents give to their problems and to them as individuals. The Habit of Interdependence This is the habit of public victory or success with other people. Effective interdependence can only be achieved by effective independent people.


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