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Ultimate Incremental Game List

Greetings fellow Redditors! I have decided to compile these games in a list for convenience purposes. I add new games to the bottom of the lists. Please note that this will be in constant "editmode" and it is subject to change.

* = Newly Added to the List. Updated every few days. New Games are added to the bottom of the lists.

11/30/13 Edit: Changed Coming Soon to Coming Soon/Alpha Stage and moved the appropriate games to the area. 1/28/14: I have made the decision to NOT include "idlegamemaker" games in this list. If you really are desperate for more games, you can click of the purple "Game" tag over on the right side of the screen. 5/1/14: Overhauling.
Phone/Table List of games here. Please see continued post below for more games. 10k Character limit reached on this one.-->>>
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New Ultimate Gaming List

Hello there,
as I am a huge fan of incementals and idles myself and I am sad that the original List is dead and not updated anymore, I thought I might open up a new list myself. If you are a developer and want to see your game on here, just drop me a private message with a link and a small description :)
Thread Started: 03.03.2015
Latest Edit: 03.03.2015
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