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Patriotic Bitcoin Mining

The usual advice newbs are given is "forget about mining, it's 4 (edit: 6) years too late for that".
But I think we should instead start advising people to start mining, not for profit, but in order to protect Bitcoin from hostile takeover attempts from "Bugs Unlimited". Specifically, we should advise them to point their miners at SegWit pools like BitFury, BTCC, BitClub, and Telco 214.
Spend $1000 ~ $5000 on mining equipment to grow the future of your Bitcoin stash. Look at it as a cost of doing business.
Update: A lot of people are mentioning how Bitmain has a near-monopoly on the BTC-ASIC market. Perhaps there should be an "open source Bitcoin ASIC" movement (similar in spirit to the move for the TALOS free/open-source CPU)? There are companies who custom build ASICS to your specifications (e.g. esilicon, sigenics)
Update: Doing my patriotic duty!
pluribusblanks: "You don't need millions of dollars. You need one S9 and $120 of electricity per month"
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A call for miners to publicly reject the poison that is ChainAnchor

After Peter Todds revelation, miners should publicly state that they will reject any offers made by this organization. ASAP.
Pool Reject
Antpool N/A
DiscusFish / F2Pool N/A
Bitfury N/A
BW Pool N/A
Slush yes
KNCMiner N/A
BitClub Network N/A
Kano CKPool N/A
Telco 214 N/A
21 N/A
1Hash N/A N/A
Bitminter N/A
Eligius N/A
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Das ist alles von meiner Seite in diesem Artikel. 1%), Telco 214 (1. Da Lieferbeschränkungen dieses Problem mit Eigentumsrechten lösen, haben diese Währungen tendenziell einen höheren Wert. 2 BTC an ihrer Adresse statt 3 Eingaben wie am Start. Die langfristige Vision der Bitcoin-Community ist ein neues Zahlungsnetzwerk namens Lightning, das als zweite Schicht über dem bestehenden Bitcoin ... Bitcoin mining pools are a way for Bitcoin miners to pool their resources together and share their hashing power while splitting the reward equally according to the amount of shares they contributed to solving a block. A . trending; Bitcoin Mining Pool Chart Bitcoin . Bitcoin Mining Pool Chart . Dec 14, 2017 ... TELCO 214 Wholesale Software Inc; Blocktree Properties LLC; Cytline LLC; Mark Vargas (majority managing member of Mission Valley Mining, LLC) They are being represented by Eric Christensen and Jonathan Tebbs from the law firm of Cairncross & Hempelmann, P.S. Energy Price Hikes for Crypto Miners . Grant PUD serves approximately 50,510 customers throughout the county and, since summer 2017, has ... There seems to be at least 2 miners/pools not mining full one megabyte blocks while mempool has lots of transactions. Telco 214 is always mining... Dieser Cloud Miner gibt 50 GH/s kostenlos bei der Anmeldung, und der Vertrag ist für 2 Jahre gültig. Wwwacinet. Home; Menu. Home ; 20 beliebte Bitcoin-Cloud-Mining-Sites im Jahr 2020. Die Auflistung in diesem Abschnitt ist KEINE Werbung für diese Dienste. So handeln sie mit aktien wie mit einem wall street pro, am besten für erfahrene Trader E * TRADE Erfahrene Anleger können die 0% ...

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Bitcoin Mining Best - Bitcoin Mining Software 2020

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