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"Q - The Bitcoin community claim they have created money without government if they live within the Bitcoin system. What’s your reaction to this claim?
A - But you cannot live within the Bitcoin system. It’s impossible. Sure, you can buy bitcoins with your dollars and fool some people into thinking you’re living on bitcoins. But you’re not. To manage it, you need a circular flow of income, and with bitcoins, there is none. Every time you purchase something with bitcoins, as soon as the sellers of the goods and services turn it over to Coinbase or Bitpay to convert it back to dollars or pounds, each purchase becomes a sale of bitcoins. That way, no one’s holding this stuff.
Equally, when you look at the real statistics, you find that a lot of the numbers the Bitcoin faithful claim as usage, are outright phony. The faithful say there are 110,000 transactions a day, but only about a thousand of those transactions are for the buying and selling of goods and services. The rest are miners moving bitcoins between different wallets and address, and gambling. On top of that, there is what’s called “the change factor” which means each transaction gets counted twice. Next, the faithful say, there are eight million wallets. What they don’t tell you is that almost all of them are either empty or near-empty. In truth, Coinometrics at Cambridge says that fewer than 250,000 wallets hold one bitcoin or more. That’s not 250,000 people, that’s wallets, and most people have multiple wallets. Based on that, I am correct when I say, there are more people who are members of the Kuwait Airways frequent flier club than there are people on the planet holding bitcoins."
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Jeffrey Robinson, a well-known writer on financial crime, has vented his spleen about the hype surrounding bitcoin. Robinson is now embracing Bitcoin due to PayPal banning him from its platform. PayPal Lowers the Boom on Tommy Robinson. Robinson had been using PayPal to raise funds, notably for his ongoing ... After skyrocketing to more than a thousand dollars in price late last year and attracting global attention, bitcoin, the leading digital currency, has stalled. Even Robinson, the bitcoin critic, predicts there’s a future for crypto in politics, particularly if Facebook’s new coin, Libra, takes off. “In 2024, look for campaign contributions in Libra ... Best-selling author Jeffrey Robinson and I discuss his new book: Bitcon: The naked truth about bitcoin in this podcast. I've included some highlights from my interview and from the book here as well.

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Where did bitcoin go wrong?

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